How To Fix A Broken Window in An Aluminum Frame?

Accidents are a common aspect of our everyday life. It is also not unusual that our kids may break window glasses while playing. All we have to do then is fix and replace the vitre cassée.

However, most of us get scared seeing the aluminum frame. These frames have an intimidating look that tells us that it is unfixable. But it is so not true. Repairing a broken window in an aluminum frame is fairly easier than it seems.

Here are seven steps to follow when you are fixing the broken window.

How to Fix A Broken Window in An Aluminum Frame [7 Steps]

Here is a list of things you will need to have when repairing the broken glass. Remember, there is nothing more important than following a safe and secure approach.

  1. Regular and slotted screwdriver
  2. Safety glasses
  3. Mallet
  4. The replacement glass
  5. Thick hand-gloves
  6. Optional silicon seal

Step 1: Removing the Aluminum Frame

The first step is to remove the aluminum frame from the window. You should lift the sliding window panel to remove it. But before that, use the screwdriver to remove the screws from the panel.

Step 2: Removing the Screws

Now identify the screw fittings that hold the aluminum frame from the four corners of the window. Using the screwdriver, remove these screws and take them out from the broken glass.

Using the notched area of the screwdriver, scrape any jammed piece from the frame. Make sure to be vigilant not to twist the frame parts while pressing or peering.

Step 3: Extracting the Silicon Coating for Reuse

There must be a silicon coating around the edge of the glass. This can be reused so carefully to extract the silicon cover. If it is broken, you will need a backup. Peel back any remaining seal debris with the smooth side of the notched screwdriver.

Step 4: Working on the Fresh Glass

In this step, you should work on the new piece of window glass. Put the glass on a flat surface to avoid breaking the fresh one. Roll the previously extracted silicon coating all around the outer area of the glass. Make sure that there is no leakage or empty bits so that there are no bubbles formed.

Step 5: Framing the Freshly Coated Glass with Aluminum

Once you are done coating the fresh glass with the silicon coverings, you will now have to attach the aluminum frame onto the glass’s outer layer. You must make sure that the frame is mounted in the same manner as it was before. Softly push the aluminum frame onto the window glass by using the mallet.

Step 6: Rescrewing the Aluminum Frame

After that, press every aluminum corner with the screwdriver’s help so that they are smooth and strung in every screw. You will have to work all across the complete window till the structure is fixed.

After finishing, evaluate the overall outer parts of the freshly fixed window glass. You must make sure that the binding is compatible with the frame. If it is not perfectly fitted, just force it firmly using your hand or the screwdriver.

Step 7: Reversing the Removal Process to Reinstall the Fixed Window

This is the last stage of your hard work. You have almost completed all the steps, and the only thing remaining is to complete the installation process. But do not worry as you have actually already done this process.

You just have to go in a reverse way. How is that? The same way you removed the glass from the aluminum frame, you just go reversely to reattach the window panel to the aluminum frame.


People always get scared when asked how to fix a broken window in an aluminum frame. No matter how intimidating and tough it sounds, repairing a broken glass from an aluminum frame is simpler than one may think.

On top of that, these 7 steps can just make your life easier. Follow them and see results when you are fixing a broken window glass with an aluminum frame.