How To Fix Common Lawn Problems


When you have a home, you want to make sure you have a neat lawn where you can relax with your children and visitors when they come over for a barbecue or a party. Your lawn is also a place where you will make memories with your family since your kids will be playing there all their lives. The best thing is to make sure you look after your lawn, and when you spot any issues that need attendance, you could deal with the problem by yourself or call a professional to deal with it. The best grass you can purchase for your lawn is Sir Walter Buffalo Grass in Sydney. 

We will discuss some of the lawn issues and how we could solve these particular issues.

1. Unequal expansion in the shade 

Most grass seeds don’t like shady spots, so the moment you see unequal expansion in your shade, there are several things you need to do so that you can deal with these issues, and they include;

  • Ensure your trees have been adequately renamed.
  • Search for grass that is shade tolerant.
  • When you want a fantastic texture on your lawn, you could mix your shade-tolerant grass using seeds like Pennington, that’s great for thick shade, and you could also add ground-cover seeds such as Vinca.

2. Patchy bank 

When you decide to plant any form of grass, you should avoid banky places, so the best thing to do is to regulate the slope so that the grass can be able to embed deeply into the soil and for this to happen, you need to do two essential things;

  • You should know the weather in your area to get grass that will grow in such a condition. You should not buy grass that is shade tolerant in a sunny place because it will not succeed.
  • You could build patios with conserving walls to help your grass maintain more water even during sunny days and days that you forget to water your grass.

3. Rusts

Plants also get sick, and the illness they have is known as fungal spores that change the color of your lawn to reddish-brown or yellow-orange. The rust on the plants leaves powdery sediment that can rub off on your hands and cause inroads or regions that have been underwatered, too overwatered, or grass that doesn’t have enough nutrients, such as nitrogen. The illness circulates fast and can damage your whole lawn, so to avoid this, you need to do the following;

  • Fertilize your lawn perennially using Pennington Ultragreen Weed and Feed 30-0-4.
  • Aerate yearly.
  • Don’t water the grass too much or too little.
  • Prune perennially.

Moreover, it would help if you looked into your soil’s pH levels to determine whether the level of potassium and phosphorus is enough. If it’s not enough, you can add more nutrients to the ground to make it healthy enough to sustain your grass. The great thing about soil testers is that they are easy to get and are very affordable.


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