What Are Electric Roller Shutters and How Do You Fix Electric Roller Shutters [Problems and Solutions]

Electric roller shutters are a modern and effective solution for improving the security and energy efficiency of homes and businesses. These shutters are made up of interlocking panels that roll up and down along tracks with the help of an electric motor. Electric roller shutters’ versatility stems from their ability to provide strong security against intruders, reduce noise pollution, and provide good insulation, which aids with temperature regulation.

They are also highly customizable, coming in a variety of materials and designs to meet both aesthetic and functional requirements. Electric roller shutters, with the added ease of remote control operation and integration with smart home systems, represent a synthesis of security, convenience, and technical innovation in modern building design. 

Today many people choose to install electric roller shutters instead of traditional ones. But while they are a good way to modernize your home or protect a business, they are not without fault.

Therefore, sometimes the question may arise about how to fix electric roller shutters. This article intends to tell the problems that a damaged roller shutter can cause and their solutions.

How to Fix Electric Roller Shutters: breakdown of different problems

In order to find the solution to any fault, it is first necessary to identify the problem. In the case of electric roller shutters, the same thing happens. They can suffer different types of breakdown and, therefore, it will be necessary to apply different solutions.

Here are some of the most common breakdowns and the possible solution to fix your electric roller shutter.

How to repair a roller shutter that does not raise or lower?

You try to start your electric roller shutter, and it neither goes up nor goes down. It may be due to different obstacles. We are going to explain some of the most common:

Case 1

One of the reasons that can cause the roller shutter not to work is that it gets too hot. Many electric roller shutters include a thermal fuse. It shuts down the motor if the temperature rises to a certain point.

This temperature rise can occur if the roller shutter is raised and lowered repeatedly and continuously. Other times it is due to the heat outside. In either case, the solution is to let the engine cool down. Half an hour is usually sufficient.

It can also happen that the problem is a faulty motor. In this case, there is not much you can do. Indicate it to the manufacturer or seller and request a new one.

Case 2

Another explanation may be a poor placement of the motor in the shutter tube. The motor must be inserted inside the tube or roller and be fixed with a screw. But sometimes the screw is put in the wrong part of the motor. In fact, it should be placed on the plastic at the end of the motor that is furthest inward.

It can also happen that the roller shutter does not work because the tube is incorrectly positioned. You have to check that it is placed in the corresponding pieces. And, if it is not, the solution is as simple as putting it back in place.

On the other hand, if your roller shutter stops working, it may be due to straps in poor condition. Over time they can split and need to be replaced.

We have seen that a faulty motor can cause this type of problem. But it can also be driven by a motor with insufficient capacity. It is vital to get an engine that has enough power to move the roller shutter quickly.

The roller shutter won’t go up or down all the way

If your problem is that the shade won’t go up or down all the way, it may be due to the adjustment screws. They are usually found on the side and are labeled to indicate whether they control the rise or fall.

It’s essential to first check for any obstructions in the tracks. Debris, dirt, or small objects can often hinder the movement of the shutter. A thorough cleaning of the tracks and removal of any blockages can often resolve this issue.

How to fix a malfunctioning electric roller shutter?

This problem may be due to deterioration in the wiring. To check it, you must cut the light before you start manipulating the cables. You should check for damaged wires or loose connections.

It can also happen that it is incorrectly installed. You can compare your installation with the diagram in the manufacturer’s manual. If you don’t know where to find it, companies usually supply a copy of the installation instructions online. Or you may be able to order it over the phone.

Problems not related to the shutter mechanism

While electric roller shutters are highly efficient and advantageous, they may encounter a variety of issues that can affect their functionality. Understanding these issues is critical to guaranteeing the systems’ lifespan and efficacy.

Electrical Problems

Power outages: These are one of the most prevalent electrical problems with electric roller shutters. This could be caused by a tripped circuit breaker, a power outage, or a malfunction in the shutter’s own electrical system.

Wiring Issues: Faulty or aging wiring might cause the shutters to operate inconsistently. Wires might deteriorate or get detached over time, demanding professional examination and repair.

Mechanical Issues

Jammed Shutters: Shutters can become jammed as a result of a disconnect, debris in the tracks, or mechanical failure. This may prevent them from opening or closing smoothly.

Wear and Tear: Consistent use can cause wear and tear on components such as rollers, tracks, and slats. This might cause operating difficulties or harm if not properly maintained.

Problems with Remote Control

Signal Issues: Sometimes the problem is that the remote control signal does not reach the shutter’s receiver owing to distance, interference, or receiver problems.

Battery Problems: Electric roller shutter remote controls are battery-powered, and dead batteries are a typical problem. This problem can be avoided by regularly checking and replacing the batteries.

Environmental Aspects

Weather Damage: The shutters can be damaged by extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, strong winds, or hail. Prolonged exposure to severe weather can have an impact on both their appearance and functionality.

Obstruction: Leaves, dirt, and other material can build up in the tracks or around the shutters, causing them to become clogged. This not only impedes shutter movement but can also cause serious mechanical faults if not cleaned on a regular basis.

Addressing these issues quickly and performing routine maintenance can considerably extend the life and performance of electric roller shutters. Professional assistance may be required in many cases to diagnose and repair more complex faults, particularly those involving electrical and mechanical components.

When to call a professional?

If you notice continuous power outages, flickering lights, or any other indicators of an electrical issue (such as burning odors or sparks), it’s time to consult an expert. Electrical problems can be dangerous and require specialized knowledge to resolve safely.

An expert can accurately identify and fix faults with your roller shutters.  Attempting DIY repairs on complex mechanical components can result in further damage or safety hazards.

Even if there are no obvious problems, having a professional do regular maintenance inspections can help prevent future problems. They can detect and address wear and tear before it causes more serious problems.

If the remote control or automated system is not working properly and simple troubleshooting such as battery change fails, a professional can assist. They are capable of dealing with difficult issues such as signal interference and system reconfiguration.

It’s always better to see a professional if you’re unsure about the nature of an issue or how to remedy it. They have the knowledge to identify and rectify problems without jeopardizing the shutter’s performance or your safety.

Final Verdict

Electric roller shutters are a valuable addition to both residential and commercial properties, offering enhanced security, energy efficiency, and convenience. We can give you the last piece of advice to search and compare different electric roller shutter repair offers. Try to find the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Understanding these common problems and knowing when to attempt DIY fixes versus calling in a professional is key to maintaining the functionality and longevity of your shutters. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to any signs of malfunction are crucial. By taking proactive steps to care for your electric roller shutters and seeking professional help when needed, you can ensure they continue to provide reliable service and protection for years to come.

We hope that the article has solved your doubts on how to fix electric roller shutters.