How to Fix Electric Roller Shutters [Problems and Solutions]

Today many people choose to install electric roller shutters instead of traditional ones. But while they are a good way to modernize your home or protect a business, they are not without fault.

Therefore, sometimes the question may arise about how to fix electric roller shutters. This article intends to tell the problems that a damaged roller shutter can cause and their solutions.

How to Fix Electric Roller Shutters: breakdown of different problems

In order to find the solution to any fault, it is first necessary to identify the problem. In the case of electric roller shutters, the same thing happens. They can suffer different types of breakdown and, therefore, it will be necessary to apply different solutions.

Here are some of the most common breakdowns and the possible solution to fix your electric roller shutter as from roller smart.

How to repair a roller shutter that does not raise or lower?

You try to start your electric roller shutter, and it neither goes up nor goes down. It may be due to different obstacles. We are going to explain some of the most common:

Case 1

One of the reasons that can cause the roller shutter not to work is that it gets too hot. Many electric roller shutters include a thermal fuse. It shuts down the motor if the temperature rises to a certain point.

This temperature rise can occur if the roller shutter is raised and lowered repeatedly and continuously. Other times it is due to the heat outside. In either case, the solution is to let the engine cool down. Half an hour is usually sufficient.

It can also happen that the problem is a faulty motor. In this case, there is not much you can do. Indicate it to the manufacturer or seller and request a new one.

Case 2

Another explanation may be a poor placement of the motor in the shutter tube. The motor must be inserted inside the tube or roller and be fixed with a screw. But sometimes the screw is put in the wrong part of the motor. In fact, it should be placed on the plastic at the end of the motor that is furthest inward.

It can also happen that the roller shutter does not work because the tube is incorrectly positioned. You have to check that it is placed in the corresponding pieces. And, if it is not, the solution is as simple as putting it back in place.

On the other hand, if your roller shutter stops working, it may be due to straps in poor condition. Over time they can split and need to be replaced.

We have seen that a faulty motor can cause this type of problem. But it can also be driven by a motor with insufficient capacity. It is vital to get an engine that has enough power to move the roller shutter quickly.

The roller shutter won’t go up or down all the way

If your problem is that the shade won’t go up or down all the way, it may be due to the adjustment screws. They are usually found on the side and are labeled to indicate whether they control the rise or fall.

To solve the problem, simply turn the appropriate screw with a screwdriver. If you want to add a tour, you must do it in the direction of clockwise. On the contrary, you will subtract travel.

How to fix a malfunctioning electric roller shutter?

This problem may be due to deterioration in the wiring. To check it, you must cut the light before you start manipulating the cables. You should check for damaged wires or loose connections.

It can also happen that it is incorrectly installed. You can compare your installation with the diagram in the manufacturer’s manual. If you don’t know where to find it, companies usually supply a copy of the installation instructions online. Or you may be able to order it over the phone.

Problems not related to the shutter mechanism

Finally, we will tell you about some problems external to the shutter mechanism, but that can lead to it stopping working.

First of all, the problem may come from a faulty switch. You should check that all the cables are well connected and that no connection has come loose.

But not all electric roller shutters work with switches; we also have the remote controls. And they usually run on batteries. Therefore, if one day you find that your roller shutter does not work, perhaps it is time to change the batteries.

Final Verdict

We can give you the last piece of advice to search and compare different electric roller shutter repair offers. Try to find the one that best suits your needs and budget. Surely you will eventually end up finding the professionals you need like volets electriques.

We hope that the article has solved your doubts on how to fix electric roller shutters.