How to fix iOS system problems like the iPhone won’t turn on, iPhone black screen, iPhone keeps restarting or iPhone stuck on apple logo


Let’s admit it, we’ve all been there. If you’re an iPhone user, chances are you’ve encountered the frustrating issue of your iPhone stuck on the apple logo or restarting by itself. In some cases, the iPhone won’t turn on. This gets irritating as there seems to be no way of getting past it. In order to fix it, you can go to a nearest  iPhone XS repair services.

Are you facing an iPhone black screen or constant restarts? Your iPhone won’t turn on? You need to troubleshoot to find the problem first. Can you use all other functions? Is the home button working for you? iPhone won’t power down? The panic faced by you must be unreal.

Apple releases software updates that are aimed at making the iPhone device more stable and secure with an increase in performance. However, there isn’t any guarantee that each new update will have a positive outcome. Some software updates are a leading issue to the iPhone black screen.

We have tackled some of the common issues faced by an iPhone user in this article. It doesn’t matter if your IOS system is stuck on the Apple logo, your iPhone won’t turn on, it keeps restarting or there is a black screen or an apple logo and there seems to be no way of moving past it. If you’ve come to this place for possible solutions then you can rest assured you’ll be leaving with a fix!

Without further ado, let’s read up on the main solutions to make your iPhone working again.

Force Restarting your iPhone

Most commonly performed after an update, a forced restart may be performed when the iPhone is stuck at the logo and isn’t able to get past it along with showing a black screen. Moreover, iPhone restarting, again and again, is also when you know you’ve to perform a forced restart.

To perform one, press and release the volume up button and after doing the same with the volume down button. Then hold the power down button until the Apple logo appears.

If by chance, you’re using iPhone 7 plus or earlier models, all you have to do is hold the home button and power down button until the Apple logo appears.

If your iPhone is able to boot up, you can install the pending updates and even reset your settings in order to avoid the issue again. However, if it didn’t – follow the steps detailed below.

You can also get your phone fixed at cell phone repair poway as they are experienced and know your device better than you.

Recovery mode of iPhone

Let’s just hope you do keep your iPhone backed up! Without it, this step may not work for you either. If you’re facing an issue after an update and can’t seem to figure out why then recovering your iPhone is the best solution! To do this, all you have to do is connect your device to iTunes and when the message pop-ups to restore – just click on that.

This process usually takes 15 minutes to complete. However, you must ensure the cable is well connected. If your iPhone disconnects, you can end up having a corrupted IOS and an unusable phone.

DFU Mode repair of iPhone

In the worst-case scenario, the IOS system gets corrupted during the update or during the restore. This will result in the iPhone displaying a black screen. To deal with this, performing a DFU mode restore and repair is usually what solves it. The device Firmware update allows iTune to access your device without booting it. This method, however, may not work for all and could result in data loss or critical damage. You should perform a backup before opting for DFU mode as it requires time plus you’ve to be careful. Once your device is in the DFU mode, you can proceed with the IOS restore from iTunes.

The last resort

The last resort

No luck booting up your iPhone or recovering it and lost all hope? Dr.Fone – Repair (IOS) is here to save your device. One of the best software in the market lets you repair your IOS device with the comfort of your home. It not only fixed the Apple logo and boot loop problems but fixed the IOS without data loss. With a few clicks, anyone can perform a system repair even on the newest updates!

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