How to Freshen Up Your Room


The smell is the first thing that you notice when you enter the room before you even notice other things like the color on the wall because the smell is the most powerful sense in the human body. A bad smell can make you very uncomfortable sitting in that room or even having friends over. There are many things that can be causing that bad smell in your room so identifying the source is a good start.

There are many ways in which you can bring back the homely feeling to your room which are pretty simple and don’t take up a lot of time. You can invest in a good desk. Getting a standing desk like those here for your room can help keep you healthy. A good smell is taken to mean that the space is clean while people relate a bad smell to dirt.

What Could Be Causing a Bad Smell in My Room?

Dirty laundry is a big culprit when it comes to funky smells in a room. The smell could be coming from the sweat in the clothes or a mixture of your cologne and sweat. The smell could get worse with time, so the longer you keep the dirty laundry in your room, the worse it smells. The smell could even be worse if the clothes are damp or if there are dirty socks or shoes.

Mold can also cause a bad smell in your room. The mold can be anywhere from the walls to the floor and it could be dangerous for your health when you inhale it. If your carpet or surfaces are wet or moist for long, they can also cause a bad smell.

Dust is another cause of bad smell in the room. The dust could be coming in through an open door or window or even through the ventilation spaces. Dust is composed of many things like dirt, droppings from your pet or even pollen. Dust not only causes a bad smell but it can also trigger allergies in susceptible people.

Leftover foods can also cause a bad smell whether they are on the plate or in the trash can. Droppings from pets are another cause of a bad smell though these are rarely seen in trained pets. Smoke is another cause of a bad smell and diseases, whether it is from tobacco smoke from people who smoke indoors or from burning wood in the chimney.

Stagnant air from a poorly ventilated room can cause a bad smell in your room because it is composed of dust, mold or even smoke. Diaper pails are another source of the bad smell if they are not disposed correctly.

How Do I Freshen Up My Room?

  • Identify the Source of the Bad Smell

The first step in dealing with the bad smell is knowing where it is coming from. If you do not identify the exact cause, you will waste all your time trying to use fresheners or other things that might even make the smell worse. It will be a lot easier to deal with a known trigger and find out how to best eliminate it.

  • Open the Windows

Opening the windows will help to bring in fresh air from outside and remove stagnant air from the room. It is advisable to open your window daily for at least half an hour. Another advantage of opening your windows is that the sunlight can help to eliminate mold and bacteria.

  • Clean All the Surfaces and the Walls

You can use a damp rag to clean the surfaces to remove dirt and dust. You can also dip the rag in water that has a nice smelling scent so as to leave the surfaces smelling fresh. Ensure that you clean all the surfaces, the floor, the walls and even the windows.

  • Empty the Trash Can

It is advisable to empty your trash can daily so as to eliminate the bad smell that can result if it is not empty. Do not throw food leftovers in the trash can that is inside your room since this can cause a really bad smell. Use a trash can that has a lid so as to keep the bad smell away. It is good practice to clean your trash can every time you empty it and you can also spray it with a freshener.

  • Do Your Laundry Regularly

Avoid stacking up dirty laundry in your room because it can cause a funky smell. Clean up your laundry as many times as you can together with your shoes. You can use a nicely smelling detergent to wash your clothes.

Do Your Laundry Regularly

  • Use a Natural Air Freshener

Natural air fresheners are safe because they do not contain harmful chemicals which may trigger allergies. Naturally scented candles can help create a fresh smell in your room. By using natural fresheners, you will also be taking care of the health of your visitors who may be allergic to some smells.

The simple way to keep your room fresh is to remove the stuff that is causing the bad air and to bring in fresh air through the window, natural fresheners and maintain the natural cleanliness and hygiene in your room.

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