How To Get A Betting Bonus


The is a myriad of betting websites online, and the gambling industry welcomes more each day. For existing betting platforms, this means there is more competition, hence more reason to get creative and keep their customers interested. Several bookmakers offer promotional rewardsto gain more customers and keep existing players. However, these bookmakers don’t plan on going bankrupt by offering everyone free money. In essence, these rewards are designed to attract and keep players’ interest, but not necessarily enrich them.

Not all punters who get rewards from bookmakers benefit from them. But with skills, bettors can use these promotions and bonuses to their advantage. Various African betting sites offer attractive rewards. Some of these sports betting sites are known for their firm reputation of offering a wide range of betting options and valuable rewards. One of these top bookmakers is Betway, new punters download the supabets mobile app and sign up using the supabets. In this article, we are going to discuss the common types of bonuses, the terms and conditions they come with, and how best to use them.

Welcome Bonuses

It is quite common for bookies to reward their new customers. These optional rewards are referred to as Welcome bonuses and they are offered after the player has completed their registration. Typically, welcome bonuses on betting websites are match-up bonuses, which means they offer a percentage of the player’s initial deposit. The percentage offered is usually being used to promote these bonuses.

Generally, bookies require punter’s to register and make a required minimum before they can be eligible to claim the welcome bonus. Terms and conditions such as validity period, payment methods, and maximum withdrawal are to be looking out for to avoid forfeiting the reward. A welcome bonus is a good way to start with an online bookmaker and we advise players to claim them as long as the terms are favorable.

Match Stake Bonuses

In simple terms, a match stake bonus is a type of bonus in which the bookmaker matches the amount deposit by the punter with a certain percentage. The percentage is used to advertise the offer and once the punter has made the required deposit, they will be rewarded with the said percentage in bonus money. The bonus money will need to be wagered for a required number of times before it can be withdrawn.

Free Bets

Contrary to what most new bettors think, a free bet does not mean you can bet for free, it only means your initial stake will be refunded. Free bets come with a minimum deposit limit which you are required to make to qualify for the reward. Usually, free bets are displayed like Bet ₦800 and get 15 free bets. If you win such a bet, your initial stake will be added to your winnings. Each bookie has its requirements needed to claim its free bets and the validity period for which the offer will last for.

Bookies attach different forms of terms and conditions to their rewards, and players could forfeit these rewards if they are not aware of these terms. These conditions are usually included in the bonus requirements, which we encourage punters to read before they claim any reward.

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