How to Get a Winch to Spool Evenly: Step By Step Guideline

Whether to pull up from holes or muddy areas or help others, a winch is a must-have tool for every off-road rider. Moreover, winches are also used to carry heavy objects from one place to another.

Like every other tool, to get the best outcome, you need to use it properly. When the winch cables spool out properly, there’s no tangling or overlapping. It gets the job done perfectly. But not all of us know how to do it.

That’s why it’s necessary to know how to get a winch to spool evenly. In this article, we’ll be talking about the ways to do it correctly. So give it a read to the end.

How to Get a Winch to Spool Evenly

To evenly spool your winch, you’ve to follow some safety factors as well as some steps. So let’s start…

Step 1: Spool Out the Full Winch Cable

First thing first, spool out the entire winch. If your winch works with a remote, you can use the remote controller to spool it out. And if it works with a toggle switch, you can also use that.

Next, disengage the clutch of the lever. If you’re using a modern winch, you can find the clutch lever beside the winch drum. Do all winch free spool? The modern winches allow free spooling of the winch in any direction. This helps to pull out the full winch from the winch drum without any trouble.

Step 2: Activate Winch

The second step is to switch on the winch of your car. If you’re using a remote-controlled winch, it can come in handy here. Using a remote to spool out the entire winch is extremely easy and time-efficient.

Plug in the winch remote to control the lever actions. This will help to keep the winch drum locked while spooling out the winch rope.

Step 3: Pull Back Winch Cable

For pulling back the winch cable, you’ll need to use the remote and the winch cable at the same time. So it is nearly impossible to do this on your own. So try to take the help of a friend or assistant.

Wear your safety pair of gloves. You need to slowly pull back the winch cable. Now, start to route the winch cable to the winch drum. Make sure that there’s no overlapping. You need to first complete a full layer and then overlap on it.

  • First, to spool out the winch evenly, keep the entire winch in the ground in a straight line. Don’t keep it loose. Instead, give tension and keep in a semi-tight position.
  • Now grab the cable in your palms and tell the other person to slowly pull out the cable. As the cable keeps spooling in, use your palms to guide the cable to avoid overlapping.

After you’re done with it, check if the cable is in a tight position with the winch drum. Loose wires can get tangled and overlap with each other. As a result, the winch will not come out quickly. Moreover, tightly coiled ropes free away space and maximize friction. Lastly, recheck everything.


Safety Factors

Usually, winch cables are rugged and steel-made. So if you’re not careful while operating them, you can hurt yourself.

While you try to spool out the winch with your bare hands, it can result in heavy injury. Also, a safety pair of gloves can help you with frim grips. So that’s why you should always wear a pair of heavy safety gloves.

Spooling the winch evenly can be a difficult task for one person. So if possible take help from a friend.

Winch Cable

While working with the winch rope, be careful so that you don’t damage it. Slowly spool in and spool out the cable from the damage. Do not give extra tension to the cable. Choose your winch cable wisely.

Be Focused

Spooling out a winch doesn’t require any extra skills. It’s easy, and you can do it on your own. But the thing that it needs is complete focus and concentration.

You need to concentrate while spooling in the winch cable. A lack of concentration may result in overlapping the wires. And you’ve to redo the whole thing again. So the focus is a must!

Final Words

So that’s it when it comes to knowing about how to get a winch to spool evenly! If you’re an off-road rider or have to use winches, you must learn to spool a winch evenly. It’s very easy, and you need to follow some simple steps.

Go give it a try today. And in case you face any challenges while doing this, let us know! We’ll try to provide a suitable solution. Good luck!