How to Get Around Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a large region, but getting around is super easy. Backpackers have been travelling to Southeast Asia for over 5 decades. Thanks to the well connected transportation, which the locals offer to tourists throughout the year. Websites like Bookaway are great to find different types of transport depending on your needs and budget.

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One day you could be in Thailand, and the next day sipping on chilled beer in Cambodia or by the waterfall in Laos. Although getting around Southeast Asia is cheap by air, but you are going to miss the scenic sights while crossing the borders. This region is lush green and you wouldn’t want to miss out on soul and mind soothing natural beauty.

Southeast Asia is a safe place for new travellers, as it is well connected and gives a lot of options to travel around. Even if you are not a backpacker, it is a home to many resorts, luxurious hotels, restaurants, private cars and buses. It offers everything to make your holiday luxurious and within your budget. Southeast Asia also has a lot of traditions and symbols. One of these is the Hmong silver jewelry. Find out more about this in our article, Why is Hmong Silver Jewelry a Unique Symbol of Southeast Asian Tradition?

Things to Do in Southeast Asia

There is lot to see and do in this region. However, make sure that you include Thailand, Laos, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia on your list. Below is the list of places you must visit:

Jungle trekking

The lush green forests have unique wildlife and gives lots of camping opportunities. You will also be able to see lovely waterfalls. You could go jungle trekking in Malaysia Borneo, western Laos, and northern Thailand

Diving in Sipidan

Sipidan is located near Malaysia Borneo and it is one of the best diving spots in the Southeast Asia.

Full Moon Party

You can dance until dawn all covered in glow paint with your friends on Ko Phangan Island in Thailand. This party is on the full moon night and if you happen to miss it, then you can attend the half moon, black moon or even the quarter moon party. When you in Koh Phangan, you can party almost every single day.

Since there is no airport here, you need to take a ferry to reach this island. With, getting on a ferry is like a cake walk. They simplify your travel planning process by allowing you to access all the local transport service providers in the Southeast Asia.