How to Get Money Out of Bank Without Card


Getting money out of the bank has become very simple nowadays. In the past, you had to have your bank card to get money out as it was considered the easiest process. Using a teller was an option but the bank was not strategically located across the country, and this made it very hard to get money out of the bank. Currently, there are platforms that allow you to get money out of the bank without card and the process takes a very short time unless you are doing international transfers. This has made the banking sector stand out when it comes to aiding clients with transaction of money.

Getting cash from Venmo and other convenient banking platform is what millions of Americans use and it is seen to be very effective. Sending and receiving money using Venmo is seamless and does not require a lot of paperwork or any extreme know your customer policies. When you use Venmo and other platform, security is guaranteed especially of your personal information and the money being transacted. There are many other perks that come with using services like Venmo and others when getting money out of the bank without card. The good factor is that banks are also working towards ensuring a perfect integration with such service providers.

This article will give insights on how to get money out of the bank without card. We will look at some of the best options you can use to perform such actions. The article will also touch on the process of how to use Venmo to get money out of the bank without card. Benefits of using Venmo will also be looked at. Let’s roll.

Are background checks required to get money out of the bank without card?

In some cases, you will be required to complete some KYC policies to get money out of the bank without card. The process may involve background checks for some companies.

In other situations, you will simply just create an account verify it and you are good to go. However, the only problem may come about if you perform transactions which may be suspected to be of money laundering or any other suspicious activity like terrorism. Ensure to perform transactions which are legit, and you will not be flagged for suspicious activities.

What options should I use to get money out of the bank without Card?

a) Venmo

Venmo is one of the largest Mobile payment services owned by PayPal. The service works for more than 50 million people and has handled transactions totaling $159 billion in one quarter. Venmo is known to offer fast and secure transactions with very limited restrictions hence it is adored by many.

Creating a Venmo account is fast and simple. You also have other perks which we will learn later in the article.

b) Mobile banking

Mobile banking is where banks use services such as Mobile Apps and SDKs to perform transactions. This is another alternative when compared to using a card or going to a teller. You can also use this option to transfer money between users at a faster rate via the mobile banking Apps.

c) PayPal

PayPal is a pioneer when it comes to offering mobile payment services. It comes with fast and secure transaction process and serves over 300 million people around the globe. One thing I like about PayPal is the simple application process and faster transactions if it is within PayPal.

d)Cash App

Cash App is one of the uprising payment platforms owned by Square, a Payment services platform. Cash App is widely acknowledged for using a simple Payment tag to perform transactions which are fast and convenient.

All you need to get started with using cash App is a simple application process and you will be required to fill your social security number for verification

e) Skrill

Skrill is a payment processing service that offers fast and secure payment without using a card. All you need to get started is your ID which will be used to verify your identification. Ensure to uphold integrity as this will ensure all your transactions will run smoothly.

How to use Venmo to get money out of the bank without Card?

Here is a simple process on how to use Venmo as a Payment service to get money out of the bank without Card

Step 1: Create a Venmo account

You can create a Venmo account by going toVenmo website. From there you will be required to fill your details like name, address, and any other personal information. From there you may be required to verify your information and complete the process. This verification uses a variety of option so feel free to choose one that suites you.

Step 2: Add your bank card details

You will be required to add details of your bank card. Doing this will take a short time and will make sure that whenever you need money out of your bank, you will not need to have the card with you all the time. The process involves adding your Visa/Mastercard information to Venmo

The information will then be authenticated by deducting a refundable fee from your account.

Step 3: Start transactions

After all these, you can then use the Venmo card to perform transactions easily.

What are the benefits of Venmo?

  • Faster transactions
  • Low cost on fees
  • Great customer support
  • Cool user interface on Mobile Application
  • The system is secure against cyber attacks

Bottom line

Getting money out of the bank without using card is a very simple process than can involve several financial service providers. This article discussed how you can do so with Venmo, and we outlined the process to help you achieve this. So, to get started, feel free to create an account with Venmo and you will be good to go.


Getting money out of the bank without card is easier if you know the right process and services to use. This article explains how you can do so using Venmo and other insights related to getting money out of the bank without using card.

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