How To Get Over An Addiction In 5 Steps


Addiction can be one of the most tragic experiences for someone suffering. It can take everything from you and give nothing but momentarily feelings of pleasure in return. But the pleasure you feel through your source of addiction is only an illusion- an apparition of relief that fades as soon as you find yourself without your poison. They may give you the hope of feeling satisfaction, but unbeknown to you, they only make you more miserable. What is taking away your ability to live life with a clear mind cannot be instrumental in making you genuinely happy.

Addiction destroys lives- yours and of those around you. Seeing you suffer makes the people you care about suffer as well. If you are struggling with addiction, know that you can always overcome it. It may seem like an impossible feat to achieve, but with the right amount of support and willpower, you can fight against it.

Addiction is not a moral flaw ingrained into your soul; it is a disease you can recover from if you are willing to. Change is always daunting, but you can manage it with all the right steps. These include the following:

1. Get professional help

Always consider professional help when you are dealing with addiction. Contacting a professional or admitting yourself into a rehabilitation institute will provide you with a structured environment for proper support and treatment. A rehab center will provide you with medical treatment and technical training to help you fight your impulses and become healthy. If you seek help for yourself or someone you know, visit websites such as to get more information regarding plans, treatments, and other necessary details.

2. Recognize that your addiction is a problem

Not admitting your addiction is a problem can become a huge barrier on your road to recovery. If you don’t realize why you must overcome your addiction, you can never recover from it. You need to realize your addiction is only making your life harder, and leaving it behind is the only way to prosper further in life. Your resolutions only work when you have a credible reason for fulfilling them. For instance, if you struggle with drugs and your only reason for considering treatment is the constant urging from your family, you may fail to remain sober for a sustained time. Instead, you will keep making excuses for using it because you don’t see the reason why it is harming you.

Realizing you have a problem is not a show of weakness but strength. It shows your courage when facing your demons and makes you resilient against them. It provides you with a drive to change and become a better person.

3. Find ways to distract yourself

Addiction is not easy to fight; your impulses will keep finding their way back to you. When you feel like you could live without your addiction, they will find a detour back to your life and aim to disrupt your progress. The best way to avoid caving into the urge is to keep yourself distracted and find ways to be occupied. Read a book, go for a walk, go to a karaoke bar, or talk to your friends. As long as you have something to do when the urge whispers in your ear, you will be less inclined to listen to it.

4. Disentangle yourself from any influences

Many things will trigger you when you are on your path to recovery. And even though you cannot distance yourself from every possible trigger, you can do so for those you have control over. If you have friends who use drugs, drink alcohol, or indulge in any activity you are addicted to, stay away from their company. It can be easier to fall back into the same pattern when around someone or something that could push you towards it. Separating yourself from the people and objects that could encourage you to give in to your addiction will do you good.

5. Find support

Fighting addiction is a laborious and tedious road, but it does not have to be lonely. Reach out to a support network that can help you walk down this path. Surround yourself with people who encourage you to do better and pose as good influences in your life. Your family and friends can provide you with invaluable support. Your loved ones have seen you experience the highs and lows of your addiction and want to help you.

Furthermore, get yourself into a support group for people struggling as you are. As you share your experience with others who have, more or less, gone through the same things as you have, you will feel understood and encouraged to do better. Spending time with people who relate to your experiences can aid your healing process. Listening to others about what they do to remain consistent in fighting off their addiction can also help you with your journey.


Change is not easy, and recovery can demand much more from you than you feel you are willing to give. But to come out victorious from the end of this dark tunnel, you will have to be persistent and resilient. Do not let go of your resolve to be better. It is okay to feel conflicted from time to time; sustainable change takes time, effort, and unprecedented willpower. If you surround yourself with people and activities that help you with your journey while staying away from all that could hinder it, you will be able to recover faster. Just remember: you can do anything as long as you make up your mind to achieve it. Do not waver from your decision to overcome your addiction, and you will be successful in your endeavors.

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