How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants in Trees Naturally?

Carpenter ants are ant species that get their name from the way they burrow through a tree and dig tunnels. Their presence can be identified by sawdust around the tree base. When they are not spotted and addressed earlier, these ants may destroy or kill your tree. They also pose a danger of spreading towards the nearby trees and structures, causing further destruction over time.

Here are natural ways you can use to get rid of these disastrous carpenter ants.

Getting Rid of Carpenter Ants Naturally

You can identify carpenter tree nests by looking for sawdust on the tree base. Damaged wood and holes may indicate a sign of an existing colon. Place bait such as sweet substances that attract ants, then follow the trail towards the nest. Once you have identified the ant nests, use the following natural ways to destroy them.

Essential oils

Essential oils such a peppermint, tea tree, lemongrass, and cedarwood can be used to disrupt ant trails. Spray the oil of your choice at the entry points and nests to get rid of carpenter ants.

Soap and water solution

Make a solution of water and liquid soap, and then spray around the carpenter ant nest. The solution is toxic to these insects and kills them gradually. Keep spraying until you eliminate all of them.

Dust insecticide

Dust insecticide, made from compounds like pyrethroids and carbaryl, can be used for control.

Crashed algae forms diatomaceous earth, which is used as a natural pesticide. This substance is known to destroy the skeleton of carpenter ants once the insect comes to contact. Spread the essence on ant colonies and nests. They will eventually die from consuming the diatomaceous earth. Be sure to get expert help such as at this Sacramento arborists for your tree problems.

Sugar-based bait

A sugar substance is a killing agent for carpenter ants. Make a solution of sugar, water, and borax solution the spray over the net cavity. Follow the ants’ trails and separate colonies, and spray them too. These ants carry the sugar baits back to their nests and feed the rest; hence they all die from the poison.

Call a Professional

At some point, curbing these challenging insects might become extremely problematic, mostly when they spread to other structures. You will need the help of companies that deal with tree trimming in Stockton CA. Since they are experienced in dealing with all tree problems, they will help eradicate any insect infestation without risking your tree’s health.