How to Get Rid of Your Tired Eyes


If you are like most people you are not getting enough sleep and often wake up looking tired. This may mean a puffy face or dark circles under your eyes. There are a few tricks of the trade that you can use to make yourself appear more rested than you are. 

How to Be Known As The One With The Bright Eyes

The best remedy for tired eyes is more sleep but there are times where that is just not in the cards. Make sure that you are staying hydrated because this will help to aid in your skin appearing brighter and thus you will look more rested. As far as a way to instantly make a difference there are a few tricks to try.

1. Wash and Moisturize

All right we will start this process with your normal facial cleansing routine. Don’t forget to moisturize. Also make sure to very gentle with your under-eye area, especially if you have puffiness there.  Make sure you pat your face dry do not rub.

2. More Moisturizer

Now take some gel moisturizer that contains hyluraloric acid and dab a healthy amount underneath both of your eyes. Then take a small amount and rub it on the rest of your face. 

3. Jade Roller 

Make sure you are storing your jade roller in your freezer in between uses. At this point go and get your jade roller. Use the large roller to start at your neck and use strokes that go up and out. When you get to the area under your eyes switch to the small size and rub from the inner eye to your temple in one stroke. Do this several times on both sides. And the return to the large roller and finish your face.

If you have any puffiness under your eyes you should notice a big difference after using the jade roller. You should also notice that your complexion is already looking brighter. Make sure your face has absorbed all the moisturizer.

4. Primer or Face Oil

Take your primer or face oil and put a small amount in the palm of your hand and use your fingers to massage it lightly into your full face. Make sure that you apply the product evenly. 

5. Concealer &  Foundation

Your Concealer will be your best friend on days you wake up looking exhausted. Take the concealer and place several dots under your eye starting at the inner corner and ending at the outer corner. Grab the sponge of your choice and blend out all the concealer. Then apply your foundation like you normally would. 

6. Highlight Inner Eye

Take your highlighter and a small brush and apply a dab of highlighter in the crease between your inner eye and nose bridge. This will help to open your eyes and make them look brighter. 

7. Eye Shadow, Mascara & Liner

Choose a light lid color and don’t go too dark in the crease with your eyeshadow. Only put mascara on your top lashes this makes your eyes appear wider and will make you look more awake. Also, make sure that your liner is light and thin. 

8. Line Water Line

Another way you can brighten your eyes and make them look larger is to take a nude colored eye pencil and line your lower waterline with it. This will make you look much more wide-eyed and awake. 

9. Finishing Powder or Setting Spray

This should always be your final step when doing your makeup. If you want your face to last you have to seal it with either finishing powder or setting spray or both.

Bags Are Not Fashionable When They Are Under Your Eyes

Now that you know how to cure your tired eyes, it’s time for you to stock up on everything you need. There is no excuse to show up to work with bags under your eyes now that you know how to fix them. Make sure that you are ready for the next time you are not able to get enough sleep so that you can always look like you just woke up from the perfect nap.

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