How to Get Someone out of Jail With No Money


Statistics reveal one of every three adults in America will get arrested by the time they’re 23. Were you one of them?

Every American is innocent until they’re proven guilty in court. It sure doesn’t feel that way when you’re handcuffed and put behind bars, though!

If you or a loved one got arrested, then you’re likely wondering how to get them out of jail ASAP. If you don’t have bundles of cash saved up, then that might pose a serious problem.

You do have options available to you. Read on to learn our best tips on how to get someone out of jail with no money.

1. Request an OR Bond

The number one way to get out of jail without paying a dime is to request an OR release. This type of bond comes at no cost! Suspects only need to sign a written promise ensuring they’ll return for their court date.

Who has the discretion to give you an OR release? The judge! You can plead your case to get released on your own recognizance or ask for it in a direct way. Here are a few factors that make an OR release more likely to get approved:

  • You don’t pose a danger to the community
  • You don’t have a long criminal record
  • You have ties to the community
  • You’re employed

If approved, then you won’t have to pay anything to get released. You still need to show up for court and abide by any terms set by the judge, though.

2. Create a Payment Plan with a Bond Company

Were you unable to secure an OR release? Your next option is to reach out to a bail bond company. Most bail bond companies want an up-front payment, but the amount is less than bail itself.

Some upstanding companies, like Bail 2 GO, offer payment plans for those in need. Often, they won’t ask for collateral, and they’ll allow you to pay them back on a flexible schedule.

Keep in mind that this service isn’t free. You’ll still have to pay off your bail over time.

3. Consider a Property Bond

If you need to secure bail and don’t have money, then you may want to look into a property bond. With this type of bond, you’ll offer up an asset like your home or vehicle.

You must be the property owner to offer it up as collateral. On top of that, the court can put a lien on the asset if the suspect fails to appear in court.

How to Get Someone Out of Jail With No Money

Are you still wondering how to get someone out of jail with no money? If none of these options work for you, then you may need to speak with an attorney. An attorney can help you determine the legal options available to you.

Keep in mind that you can get legal representation without paying for it. It’s a Constitutional right guaranteed for every American.

Being in jail isn’t an ideal situation for anyone. Use the tips above to help get yourself or a loved one out of a tricky situation. Are you looking for more interesting content to help fill your mental itch? Keep browsing through our blogs for more of our best content.

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