How to Get the Best Free Tarot Readings Online

Tarot reading is one of the oldest, psychic practices that give answers to those seeking personal advice and growth. Different from the misconception that you will find some mysterious psychic, looking all mystical and hearing obscure warnings of the future, tarot readings are meant to be therapeutic and comforting. Tarot readers use different decks of tarot cards from the Tarot of Marseilles, the Thoth tarot deck and Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck in different designs to analyze the reading.

A tarot reader will be able to shed some light on your past, present and future by just looking at the tarot cards and give you a deeper understanding and connection with your inner self. You can also ask questions regarding your love, life, career and relationships during the session. Find the best free tarot reading online and interact with readers that comply with strict quality standards. For you to get the best tarot readings, you need to know how to find legitimate ones, especially with so many websites offering both free and paid services online tarot readings. Here’s how to get the best free tarot readings online.

Check reviews

Start by searching the keywords ‘free psychic readings’ on Google search and note the top websites appearing in the searching results. If a site has high audience retention, it means that Google trusts it enough to rank it since most and scam sites are either pushed to the last pages or never appear in the search categories at all. Afterward, read the reviews from past customers.

Avoid virtual card readings

Tarot readings can be beneficial, but avoid sites where you are asked to click on virtual cards that immediately reveal answers. Most of these sites use computer-generated sequences that are not specific to your unique situation. This is what sets apart clicking on virtual cards versus having an online live accurate tarot reader doing the reading. An email or live chat reading with a human tarot reader can be very accurate. Visit the following link if you want accurate and personalized online tarot readings.

Ask the right questions

Knowing which questions to ask will allow you to use most of the free sessions. It will also help you avoid future complaints regarding the service offered which can never be reversed. You need to take full advantage of the free offer and ask powerful questions whose answers will accomplish a variety of things. Skip the introductions and get rid of any irrelevant questions or commentaries.

Questions to ask might differ depending on your situation. But, the best include what is the likely solution? What shall I need to do and is that all I need to do? What are my chances? How long will it take? And Is there any recommendation, or advice? Before the reading, always think deeply about your questions.

Free Psychic Readings Limitations

Similar to any other service or product, there’s always one or several disadvantages and free tarot readings are not different. According to the title “free tarot reading”, most people expect these websites to be totally free, but this is never the case. The sessions are free for around 3-10 minutes but then you’ll have to pay at least $1 per minute or more afterward. This can be quite disappointing if you thought you’d never spend a single coin. Though some might find this wrong, it is legally okay because most sites state it on their homepage or payment page.

A free tarot reading through a public text forum with other people is risky since the psychic might be overwhelmed with a multitude of questions and give you someone else’s answers. Public forums also expose your subject to multiple people which is bad, especially for sensitive matters that you don’t want random people knowing about.

Also, most free readings are shallow and might not be as accurate as you expect. While there are sites that offer a free tarot card reading, be careful not to get inaccurate information from generic scripts. Some psychics even give universal answers about future events which are not that much detailed and can apply to anyone. The good thing is that most reliable websites usually ban scam artists that happen to slip through as soon users report them. But, the best would be a personalized reading that addresses issues you’re facing from an experienced tarot card reader which is never free.

Tarot readings are supposed to not only be pleasant but also offer empowering experiences that can help you make good decisions while giving you a deeper understanding of your life. If you have to use free readings, you can utilize the free readings more effectively by using different sites. Use the free time of one site then move onto the next to get a mix of insights. Normally, it will total up to around 20 minutes.