How To Get The Most Out Of Your Thailand Vacation


When people think of Asia, they tend to think of Thailand. Thailand is the undisputed jewel of Southeast Asian travel. It’s clean, it’s fun, it’s adventurous. It’s a culture that, in and of itself, has not had any influence from colonizers. It is and always has been its own kingdom. Because of this, one can experience Southeast Asia with all its splendor in its purest form.

But most of us have vacation schedules to keep. A lot of us have to go back to work after our 2 or 3 week holiday. To be perfectly honest, that’s not enough time to truly explore this beautiful country. But here is a guide to get the absolute most out of this beautiful kingdom.

Koh Samui Is Gorgeous

When you fly in, you’re most likely going to fly into Bangkok or Phuket. It’s beautiful out there. There’s so much culture and food, and a thriving city life that is both harming and on its own. But to truly experience what Thailand has to offer, one has to visit Koh Samui. This is where you can experience luxury on a whole new level. You may have been to Paris. You may have been to Rome. But nobody has lived unless they’ve been to the luxury private villas Koh Samui has to offer.

It’s a completely different level. Booking there on your own can be a bit of a hassle because of both the language barrier and not knowing how to get the absolute best. But if you go with a specialized retreat company, tell them what you’re looking for, they’re more than glad to fill in the gaps. Imagine getting a massage in an open hut, overlooking the most beautiful island landscape ever forged after a night of dancing by the fire. This is not out of the ordinary in Koh Samui.

Food Is Life

When you want to get back to the city, take a cooking class. It may seem a bit like work, but learning about a culture from how they prepare food is one of the best ways to really figure out what it’s all about. It’s a connection you build with the people around you. And in learning the flavor profiles and the combinations, the landscape and the region start to make more and more sense. There truly is nothing more immersive than learning how to prepare food for your family the way that another culture does it.

Temples Of Wonderment

Yes, the temples are beautiful. But there are some that serve as monumental, fascinating places to enrich your experience in Thailand. Wat Rong Khun is a white Buddhist temple with such amazing architecture, you’ll have to see it to believe it. The Wang Saen Suk Garden is equally terrifying as a depiction of Buddhist hell as it is a reminder of the other side of faith and practice. Wat Samphran Temple is a 17 story behemoth that is made with a giant stone dragon wrapping around the exterior. These places are not only places of worship, but places of wonder.

Thailand is a kingdom that is not easily taken in on one go. This is why people always come back. The beauty and adventure draw people in, and when one finds out that the sites and treasures are limitless, they have to come back for more. And more likely than not, you will too.

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