How To Get The Perfect Manicure At Home


There’s never a bad time to learn how to give yourself a manicure at home. This could be because you are attempting to save money or just don’t have time to visit a salon. While attaching a simple set of red presses on nails is easy, painting your own nails may be relaxing while giving you a sense of accomplishment.

If you’re committed to doing your own nails, it can be challenging to duplicate the salon-quality results at home.  A lot can go wrong because of warping, smudging, and chipping. However, if you take your time, you can get a flawless manicure at home.

In this article, we will go over all the steps in how you can get the perfect manicure at home!

Step 1: Clean Your Nails

Take as much time preparing your nails as you do painting them to achieve a professional-quality manicure at home. To do this, start with a quality nail polish remover. Ensure your nails are spotless, because any polish residue will cause your polish to appear uneven.

To remove any oils or dirt that can distort your polish, you should still go over each nail with remover even if you don’t have polish on. Remember to wash your hands afterward with soap and water.

Step 2: File And Shape Your Nails

If required, first trim your nails. Then file your nails lightly, going in one direction until you have your desired shape. In order to avoid splintering the nail, it is important to file softly from the outside to the center. Think about using a glass or ceramic file that is less abrasive.

Finally, use a nail buffer to lightly buff the sides and tops of your nails to produce a flawless finish. Your nails’ natural oils may accumulate if you don’t buff them, damaging your manicure later on.

Step 3: Push Your Cuticles Back

Cuticle remover can aid in removing dead skin and smoothen the area by preparing the cuticles. After that, use a cuticle stick to gently push your cuticles back. These sticks are very practical because they work for cleaning between nail tips as well.

It is important that you avoid trimming your cuticles because they keep your nails smooth and protect them from bacteria.

Step 4: Exfoliate And Moisturize

At this stage, you can moisturize your hands and wrist to remove any excess dirt. You can also take this opportunity to clean any other dirt that may have gotten under nails. Once this is completed, you can use a moisturizer on your hands and cuticles.

Step 5: Base Coat

It is important to apply a base coat before applying any color to your nails. A base coat will hydrate your prepped nails while also providing them with some protection. This is since a base coat will strengthen your nails and stop them from chipping.

It is important to allow your nails a couple of minutes to dry after you apply your base coat.

Step 6: Add Your Colored Polish

Apply a coat of your preferred color, being careful to reach the cuticle and the nail’s corners with the brush. The first coat should provide maximum coverage to make the second coat easy. You only need to add a thin coating.

After your first layer has been applied, wait two minutes to allow it to dry. Then you can add another layer on top of that. It’s worth noting that while thicker layers will cover your nails a lot quicker, they are more likely to chip or have imprints. Hence, this is why it is vital to apply thin layers.

Sheer or pastel colors may require a third coat for full, flawless coverage.

Step 7: Top Coat

Avoid skipping the top coat, as it extends the life of the paint job you just put so much effort into. A top coat will prevent chipping and add shine to your nails.

Step 8: Clean Around The Edges

Wrap a cotton ball in nail paint remover to smooth out any uneven edges. Then delicately draw around your nails with the cuticle stick to make them look perfect.

Finally, let your nails dry for another five minutes.


All your friends and family will be impressed with your manicure you’ve done at home. By following these steps, you can create the perfect manicure yourself. Which not only looks professional but will save you lots of money by not needing to go to the salon anymore.

If you are also interested in nail art, you may read our article about what you need to start doing nail art at home.

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