How to Get Your Kids Properly Packed For Summer Camp


Many children eagerly look forward to the day they will go for summer camp. If you would like to make the wait worthwhile, it is important to consider what to pack for summer camp for them. Remember that the items that you put in the bags in preparation for the camp will have a great influence on the level of comfort as well as protection from health issues that come with weather changes. In addition, they will determine whether the kids will cherish the memories of the camp or just push them to the back of their minds.

1. Pick the Right Clothing

In most cases, summer is characterized by hot temperatures during the day. To ensure that temperature do not become a barrier to your kids’ fun at the camp, pack light clothing for the day and warmer attire for the night. The clothes to include are pants, short and long-sleeve shirts, sweaters, jackets and underwear. You should also pack more than one pair of pajamas especially if the kids will be camping for more than three days. Don’t forget to put in hiking or running shoes and boots as well as swimsuits and hats for outdoor activities.

2. Get Rid of Homesickness

If no family member or friend will be accompanying your kid, they may feel homesick and sad even when there is every attempt to cheer them up while camping. One of the best ways to prevent such a situation is to pack a few personal things to keep them company during their time at the camp. Keep in mind that comfortable does not mean expensive. Therefore, don’t pack something that costs a lot of money or has great value since it may be lost or damaged. Some of the best items to pack include pillows, blankets, family pictures, and stuffed animals.

3. Personal Hygiene is Important

Packing your kids off to summer camp does not mean that they forget their personal hygiene lessons. However, remembering the lessons would be of no great help if they don’t have the items to put them into practice. Among the most important personal hygiene items to pack include toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, towel, conditioner, shampoo, washcloth and deodorant. Don’t forget to include feminine items for girls.

4. Spice up the Camping Fun

There are items that your kids can do without while at the camp. Nonetheless, they are important when you want to ensure that they get a superb time. These include sunglasses, sleeping bag, laundry bag, small backpack, and reusable water containers. To heighten the fun, include items such as favorite books and a deck of cards.


The items that you pack for your kids’ summer camping will go a long way in ensuring comfort, safety, and fun. However, certain items such as cell phones, music devices, and other electronic items tend to distract attention and may ruin your kids’ camping experience. Remember, summer camps are designed to encourage kids to socialize, make new friends, and participate in activities they don’t usually have the time or space for. Therefore, pack the items that help fulfill those goals rather than put a barrier to their achievement.

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