How to gift your child a healthy smile?


Do all the chocolates and sweets in your refrigerator vanish frequently? One of the main persons behind the disappearance of chocolates and candies can be your child. As your child has a craving for chocolates, you have to take care of their oral health. Pediatric dentistry is the most important branch of dentistry services to provide good oral health to all children.

How to improve your child’s oral health?

It is tough to restrict a child cannot from playing or having candies. So it’s better to take care of their oral health and hygiene. Oral hygiene is the best habit that they can develop from childhood and if you need help, a dentist in Stafford, VA can definitely help you with your children’s dental concerns.

  • Fluoride is known to reduce cavities and make teeth strong by hardening the tooth enamel in primary and adult teeth. Most children get fluoride in drinking water.
  • Brushing and flossing should be routine with water at least twice a day. Definite brushing is essential for good oral health. It would help if you also taught your child to brush their tongue, which will help reduce bacteria in the mouth.
  • Cavities are holes that form in your teeth and when bacteria build up in your mouth. Sugar in food and drinks turn into acid that will affect your child’s teeth. To avoid specific food habits.
  • Safety is one of the main parts of pediatric dentistry. You can use a soft plastic retainer to cover the teeth and lips to prevent injuries.

Dublin Dental Care pediatric dentist suggests that the foundation for good oral health always starts from a young age. Psychologists say that a good rapport is essential between a pediatric dentist and the child to provide the best treatment. Young ones tend to become anxious easily by seeing the dentist set up. In such cases, inhalation sedation and the best medication are being offered to provide them with updated treatment.

A glimpse of standard procedures:

Pediatric dental care involves various procedures. Each individual requires a particular plan of treatment as per their requirement. Here are some of the standard pediatric dental procedures:

  • Stainless steel crowns are useful to restore badly decayed teeth. Sometimes extensive damage to the enamel, dentin, and nerve may lead to the necessity of stainless steel crown.
  • Tooth-colored fillings help to restore front or back teeth or in case of cosmetic dentistry of the children. Dentists use composite resins to repair fractured teeth or areas of decay.
  • As children’s mouth grows and changes often, they do need x-rays more frequently than adults. X-rays and digital radiography are useful to detect weaknesses in the tooth.
  • Dental cleaning is necessary to clean the plaque and calculus from the teeth. It can lead to cavities and severe gum problems.

Over the world, doctors are very much concerned about the oral hygiene of children. They suggest that parents introduce a successful oral hygiene routine, good diet habits, and regular dentist visits from a very young age. If all these factors are maintained carefully, it will ensure your child a happy, healthy smile.

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