How to Give Your Bedroom a New Look


Your bedroom is a sanctuary. It is the place that you come home to after work, where you can relax during the weekend and most importantly where you sleep at night. It is because of its significance that we strive for our bedroom to look the best, even if it is for your eyes alone. We want to feel comfortable in this space and making it look more inviting will certainly act to do so. There are a few tips and tricks that you can utilise to give your bedroom a brand new look that is conducive to modern design. So, keep reading to see how you can overhaul your bedroom in no time at all, for a fraction of the cost of a full renovation!

Minimise the Clutter

A common problem with the décor of the bedroom is overcrowding. It can make the interior feel crowded and cluttered as well as give that feeling of disorganisation. If you take a step back and analyse what decorations and furniture you have in your bedroom you can take the time to remove one or two things that are no longer needed. More floor space will have a drastic effect on the layout of the room that you will instantly love.

Downsize Your Furniture

Consider the size of your bedroom before you purchase new furniture. For example, you may be set on a king-sized bed, but can your room accommodate that without feeling too cluttered? Choose furniture that is in proportion with the size of the room and this may mean buying smaller sized furniture than you were anticipating.

Soft Carpets

Soft, plush carpets are pleasant on your feet after a long day. It helps you to relax and is a luxurious touch, similar to a nice hotel room. This is perfect for the sanctity of your bedroom.

Find the Focal Point

Try and make just one single feature in the room to draw your eye. You do not want too much going on, so one painting, one piece of unique furniture or one feature wall is enough to make the room pop!  If you want a nice canvas print to brighten up your bedroom American Sign Letters can make you one.

Let There Be Light!

A mirror opposite the main window of the room will have a major effect on the light within the space. The natural light will be allowed to bounce around the room and will also reduce the need for electrical lighting during the day.

Don’t Buy the Catalogue

It may look great plastered across the centre page of your interior design magazine, but mixing and matching your furniture from different ranges will give you a more personalised look in your bedroom. It will feel more cosy and much less formal than directly copying the catalogue.

A New Bedhead

A statement bedhead can instantly upgrade the look of your bed, the main component of your bedroom. You will need to match it to the style of your home and the colour scheme of your room. Fabric bedheads can be incorporated with other elements of the room, using a similar material on throw cushions, bedding or even furniture.

Choose the Right Colour

Soothing, neutral colours are the perfect choice for any bedroom. They have an unprecedented effect on us as we enter a room and can even assist with a good nights sleep. Pale greys, beige and cream are a perfect choice.

Curtains, Blinds and Shutters

Dressing the windows has a two-fold purpose, to block the excess light from a room and to add an element of style to your bedroom design. Even shorter windows can accommodate curtains which hang to the floor and they can become a focal point of the room.

Check the Ceiling

You may wish to consider painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls as this assists with the contrast between the walls and ceiling. Traditionally, the ceiling would be painted white, but if you match the walls then this eases the shadow lines between the two and will give the impression of a bigger space.

It’s All About Layers

Finishing touches are all about layering. From the throw on the end of the bed to the lampshade on the bedside table, there are plenty of items that you can use to bring out your style.

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