How to Grow a Beard & Deal With Itchy Skin


You probably wish that you start growing your beard but aren’t sure how it’s going to look on you. Also, you may have tried a couple of times but you gave up as the beard got unpleasantly itchy or appeared unsightly. But you don’t have to worry anymore, because beard care products from Australia are here to your rescue. Just add them to your daily beard care routine and experience amazing results. Growing a beard is a tricky process – whether you’re doing it to keep that gentleman’s appearance or maintain a professional look at the workplace. Keeping a smooth face is acceptable in the workplace, but a well cared for and properly trimmed beard may also give a professional look in almost any workplace. If you are seeking ways you can grow and maintain a healthy and good-looking beard, you can visit

Now let’s find out how you can grow your beard and ways to deal with itchiness.

How to Grow Your Beard

A simple way to grow a beard is to just let it grow without shaving, however, it may overgrow and get tangled or even start itching. You want to grow a beard that is comfortable for you and doesn’t affect your well-nurtured aesthetics. To help grow a beard, follow these tips:

Be mentally Prepared and Set your Goal

Growing a beard for the first time may bring a drastic change to your face and it may feel strange. When growing your beard aim at achieving your goal – even when it feels awkward during the growing phase.

When the beard reaches the desired length, you can begin shaping and styling it while also ensuring it’s healthy.

Start Over a Long Weekend

Start growing the beard over a long weekend or during a long holiday. You will have been used to it by the time you’re back to work. Do your timing properly to know when to stop shaving so that you get to the scruffy stage. You can stop the shave on a Wednesday to allow the hair to continue growing. At a quarter an inch of hair strands, you will now have a beard.

Find ways to Motivate your Beard Growth process

You may consider something like joining a community of peers who are also doing it. Or you may do it for charity, for example, during the No Shave November, you stop shaving your beard for 30 days and offer the money you’ve been using to shave or purchase shaving products as a donation.

Often visit a Barber

You don’t want to look unkempt with an overgrown beard. Have regular visits to a barber to get clean cuts for your beard. It will help enhance your looks and ensure properly grooming. After a shave, you may want to give yourself a chance to explore even a longer beard – allow it to go grow beyond the previous length to see how it feels and looks.

Make it Part of your Overall Looks

Don’t just grow a beard, make it an addition to your overall look. Consider the beard as a way of helping you dress better. Keep your dress style sharp while growing your beard to ensure you spruce up your looks.

Create your Lines Early

A dreaded neck-beard can make you feel uncomfortable with your beard. Try to establish your beard lines early and ensure you keep them. You will obviously hate a beard that gets past your Adam’s apple.

If you’re not one of the few lucky guys with a naturally high neckline, you want to ensure you establish the neck-line early. It will make your beard appear intentional while also offering you a well-groomed look. Start trimming the neck as well as cheek lines after a week or two of growth.

Keep the Length and Shape

You want to prevent having a silhouette that gets wispy over time, so have an occasional trim. It will help remove the hairs that grow longer than others and bring the desired shape from curly hairs, straight hairs, and fallouts. Trimming the longer hair that gives the beard a wispy appearance helps you create a clean outline.

Get some Sunshine

A little tan on the face allows your beard to look more natural. It helps give you the dark or tan complexion you desire to have for your beard and the skin.

How You can Deal with Itchy Beard

You may use these tips to help deal with an itchy beard.

Use Clippers for the Last Shave

During the last shave, you may encounter an increased amount of itchiness. Try to use a beard trimmer that does not have a guard during the last shave before you restart your beard growth. The trimmer without a guard cuts the hair, leaving it with blunt ends.

Apply Beard Oil

You want to condition your beard by applying beard oil, it will help with itchiness. The oil hydrates the hairs and makes them less stiff and sharp. This way, you prevent them from causing irritation on your skin. In addition, beard oil helps offer lubrication in-between your face and your whiskers. Lastly, beard oil helps moisturize your facial skin, especially the one underneath the stubble.

Comb your Hair

Get a comb that you use to scratch off the dead cells trapped on the beard. If you’re in the stages of itchiness, you can use the beard comb to gently graze the itching areas, it helps offer relief to the itchiness. Otherwise, the aim of combing your hair is to do away with the dead skin trapped by your beard hair, which can contribute to itching.

Now you know how you can start growing your beard and how to keep it to the desired length. Also, you know how to deal with itchiness. For more tips on how you can comfortably grow your beard while ensuring it remains nourished and healthy, you can visit

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