How to hang a tapestry from the ceiling?


Using tapestry is one of the budget-friendly options of covering the ceiling. If your ceiling doesn’t look standard and needs an appreciable look, use the tapestry to cover it.

A colorful tapestry not only covers your gloomy ceiling but also gives an attractive look to your room.

Indeed, hanging the tapestry onto the ceiling is not that easy as hanging on the wall. You have to put some effort and techniques to hang the tapestries to your ceiling.

Without knowing the right methods, you’ll cause damage to the wall of the ceilings. Plus, if you’re hanging the tapestry on the ceiling for the first time, it might overwhelm you.

Below, with us, let’s know the easy steps of hanging the tapestry with your ceiling. Let’s get started!

Guidelines for hanging the tapestry from the ceiling (7 easy steps)

Ever tried to hang a tapestry from the ceiling? No? Then, you must be thinking, will I be able to hang the tapestry onto the ceiling by myself. Well, it’s possible to do so with only some equipment which is available in your home.

So, don’t worry, even if it’s your first time. Keep reading and follow the steps consecutively to attach the tapestry with your ceiling.

Step 1: Choose your favorite tapestry

As usual, choose your favorite tapestry to hang in your room. A soft texture and lightweight fabric tapestry would be better to hang on the ceiling. If you choose the weighty tapestry to hang on the ceiling, it can fall from its place anytime.

Nevertheless, choose the design and color according to your preferences.

Step 2: Arrange all the necessary equipment

Have you decided which tapestry you’re going to hang? Now, it’s time to arrange all the necessary equipment to hang the tapestry. Here they are!

  • Pencil/ Color pencil
  • Measuring tape/ Ruler
  • Velcro tapes
  • Mount ladder
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors

Step 3: Take measurements of the tapestry’s width

Take the measurement tape and measure the width of the tapestry. Match the measurements with the wall and judge whether your ceiling’s size can take the tapestry.

Step 4: Draw the patterns.

Draw the straight patterns on the ceiling where you want to stick the tapestry. This step will make your work hanging the tapestry faster without any flaws. Keep the patterns visible so that you can see it while placing the tapestry on the ceiling.

Step 5: Take amount ladder

Now, it’s time to attach the tapestry with the ceiling. But the ceiling of the room must be far higher than your reach. So, take an amount ladder so that you can reach the ceiling of your room.

Step 6: Attach the tapestry with the ceiling

You mustn’t want the tapestry to fall on you in the middle of the night, do you? If so, then use a long-lasting method to attach the tapestry with the ceiling.

Attach a side of the Velcro tape at the backside of the tapestry. Then stick another side with the ceiling at each corner of the drawn pattern.

Step 7: Hanging the thick fabric tapestry

What to do if you want to hang a thick fabric tapestry onto your ceiling? Although it’s inappropriate to hang thick tapestries on the ceiling, if you’re hanging it, then do a small thing.

Put a little hot glue on that side of the Velcro tape, which part you’ll stick with the wall. Afterward, stick the tape with the wall likewise you usually do.

The sum up!

Hopefully, you have successfully hung the tapestry onto the ceiling and learned it’s very easy to do. Now, after having the ceiling décor, you must be enjoying its beauty.

That’s because attaching the tapestry is the right decision when your ceiling is unexpectedly dull and gloomy. With our guidelines, you must have understood it doesn’t need too many steps to hang a tapestry with the ceiling.

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