How to Have More Fun in Bed


It is normal to want to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner, especially when in a long-term relationship. Normal can start to feel too routine and even lose that spark you had with your partner when the relationship was new. However, if both of you are open-minded and willing to switch things up, there is no limitation to the amount of fun that you can have. That said, here are a few ways of having more fun in bed with your lover.

Don’t fake it

There is no fun in faking it. When you fake something in bed, your partner is going to keep on doing it because they think that it’s something you like. If you want to have fun, then tell your partner what you like or use your body language to make it obvious that you like it. This way, you don’t cause confusion about the things you actually like.

Take turns with your partner

Taking turns with your partner during foreplay is going to make it more fun for you. Don’t just wait for them to do all the work, that ain’t fun. Decide how much time you want to take on each other and do it. Also, you would be surprised by how pleasing your partner can be a turn on for you.

Dress up

Surprise him with a nice lingerie or put on a sexy costume every once in a while. Tease him with a photo of you in that costume, he will definitely be looking forward to coming to you in the evening. You can get some of the accessories from Delicia and spice up your sex life.

Change things up

If your partner is always initiating sex, start doing it. If you are always having sex in bed, try and do it on the couch or join your partner while they’re in the shower. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner to try something you haven’t tried before. Doing a few things out of the normal can make things a little more exciting for you.

Play the part

Your mood today might not be the same tomorrow. Sometimes you will want things on the low but others you will want things a little more thrilling, go with that flow. Play with positions that match those moods and have fun while at it.

Make use of your senses

Another way to make things more interesting and fun is using your senses. Try maintaining eye contact with your partner or talk dirty with them. Have you tried using ice cubes on your partner? Other people derive pleasure in pain, try that with your partner if it’s what they like. There is simply no limits to how you can use senses for pleasure during sex.

Take home

There is no blueprint for how to have fun in bed. Both you and your partner fancy different things, so use those things to make things interesting. Also, don’t be afraid of trying out new things, just make sure that both of you are comfortable doing them.

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