How To Have Smoother, Softer Hair Fast


Do you desire softer hair with less frizz? How do you feel when you meet someone with luscious looking hair? Does your hair seem so off that you are always afraid of stepping out of the house?

Well, frizzy and unmanageable hair that lacks shine can be a turnoff. Nonetheless, there is a solution. The issue has a fix and with proper hair maintenance, you can turn your hair from dull to a healthy glow.

Here are a few tips you can consider.

Read Widely

As they say, knowledge is power. Hence if you want to improve on your hair look, you will need to be well informed. By reading hair related books, articles and watching videos, you will be able to know what really is required to manage your hair in the best possible way.

Knowing the dos and don’ts of hair routine care will enable you to achieve that power look you have long desired. Try reading on hair health, hair products, hair styling, and hair coloring contents.

Visit this site for more on routine hair care and practices. Moreover, you can get to consult a professional hairstylist for proper advice.

Slow Down on Washing

Naturally, the hair comprises of natural oils that are essential for its growth and development. Everyday washing of the hair denies it the opportunity to grow well since it destroys the natural oils. Unless you have oily hair, it is advisable to minimize washing it on a day to day basis.

Once a week wash is highly recommended. In the long run, the hair will be strong, smooth, and healthy with minimal breakages. To further boost your chances of having smoother hair you can condition your hair, undertake proper hair massage, use cold water during washing and avoid scrubbing and brushing your hair so roughly.

Next comes the towel drying after washing. Instead of using some regular towels, use a hair towel. Wet hair is extremely vulnerable so you need to make sure you are treating them gently as possible. Keep separate towels for body and hair. Use a synthetic microfiber towel like Mizu Towel. Mizu luxury bath antibacterial towel sets are made with anti-bacteria technology to eliminate dirt. These hyper-absorbent towels are created with the finest Japanese design, to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Eat Healthy Foods

Ideally, what we see from the outside is as a result of what we get in the inside. Focusing on external hair treatment is good but also the inward application is equally important.

Like other body parts, the hair also needs appropriate minerals and nutrients to grow healthy. Eating the right foods will aid you in achieving a smoother, healthier and softer hair much faster.

Try eating plenty of green vegetables, fresh fruits, and nuts. Eating foods rich in vitamin C are encouraged to protect the hair against oxidative stress.

Other important vitamins to aid in proper growth of hair include vitamin A, E, and B. Zinc and Iron are other essential minerals for proper hair growth. Remember, healthy-looking hair is a sign of beauty and health.

Proper Hair Trimming

Trimming of hair has several benefits attached to it. To achieve smooth and soft hair, regular trims are highly recommended. With proper and regular trims, your hair will be able to grow with minimal breakages and thinning.

The trimming encourages fresh hair growth by getting rid of damaged, dead, split or broken hair ends. If you cannot do for yourself the hair trim, it is best to have a professional to do it for you. Trimming at an interval of 6-8 weeks is appropriate depending on your hair and how fast it grows.

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