How to Have the Night of Your Life in Penang


After you rest up from a long day of seeing the sights of Penang, you have plenty of ways to make the most of your night.

Perhaps curiosity got the best of you, you ventured from singapore to penang or wherever your home is.

So you’ve been to the museums, seen the sights, tried some of the food, and now you’re lying down in your Penang hotel, wondering what adventures the night will bring.

You’ve probably heard the city knows how to get its groove on, but you have no idea just how much there is to discover once the sun goes down.

Eating, drinking, dancing, night-shopping & more await you, and it’d be our pleasure to walk you through some of the best ways you can have the night of your life in this beautiful city.

Hidden Drinks at Magazine 63

You’ve been walking around all day surrounded by massive clusters of people, and the first thought that’s on your mind is probably “I need a drink.” Well what if we told you about a place where you could get an excellent drink and not even have to deal with crowds?

Enter Magazine 63. Well, after you manage to find it without the assistance of signs, arrows, or a marked entrance, none of which are anywhere to be seen. Once you manage to find it, though, you’ll be welcomed by a warm yet hip vibe, along with room to move your elbows.

Exposed brick, vintage neon lighting & quality cocktails make this a can’t miss for fans of the road less travelled.

Grab a Bite at Gurney Drive

After getting a few drinks in your belly, the next thing on your mind is likely to be your stomach, and Gurney Drive hosts some of the most beloved street food carts to silence the rumbling in your tummy.

Classic dishes such as ginger chicken, flat rice noodles, Malay fried rice, Penang curry mee & countless others have a good chance of entering your belly, and a visit to the area in general is considered a must for people coming to the city.

Be careful, though; this area is perfectly safe, but the sheer size of the crowds is something to consider if you’re going with groups of multiple people. We suggest using the buddy system, or perhaps designating a time to meet at a certain cart.

Dance Through the Night at M2 Penang

You can find a club playing the latest European & American hits anywhere in the world, but M2 offers a more locally-focused experience. Blasting Asian techno beats through the night, this modern dance club keeps the party going right below Penang Times Square, so tourists won’t have to worry about a long journey either way, especially with some liquor in their system.

Get a Full View at Three Sixty Revolving Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

Considered to be one of the most standout dining & nightlife spots in the city, you get two different chilled-out experiences back to back.

Sitting in the restaurant, you might notice the view change as you look out the window. That’s because the entire restaurant makes a full 360º rotation every hour, giving guests a complete look of the skyline & beaches.

The rooftop bar stands still, but the high perch you’ll find yourself upon gives you yet another clear look at the city you’ve been staying in, offering quality drinks & a surprisingly low-key atmosphere to complement it.


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