How to Heal a Struggling Relationship and Get It Back on Track


There’s no such thing as a sugar baby who’s so perfect, she literally never has relationship troubles. They happen to the best of us, and yes, it can be incredibly stressful. But it’s not impossible to overcome by any means.

If the two people involved honestly want to heal their relationship and bring it back to the pink of health, it can absolutely be done with enough patience and effort. Here are some things to consider to get you and your sugar daddy started in the right direction.

How to Tell a Relationship Is Struggling

One of the hardest things to determine when figuring out how to fix a relationship is whether or not it even needs fixing in the first place. It’s natural and normal for every sugar relationship to have sticking points.

Even the most loving sugar daddies and sugar babies get busy or go through things, and their relationships can take the brunt of it. But sometimes the problems run deeper and are more serious, meaning it’s in your best interests to do something about it before it’s too late.

Some signs your relationship with your sugar daddy might be broken (or breaking) include:

  • There’s no intimacy left in the relationship anymore – not just in the bedroom but outside of it, as well.
  • Your relationship’s begun to feel one-sided. You feel like you’re the one doing all the work and that your partner doesn’t reciprocate to the degree they should.
  • One or both of you no longer trusts the other. Sometimes there’s an identifiable reason for this, but not always.

Can a Broken Relationship Actually Be Fixed?

So let’s say you’ve determined your relationship is broken – genuinely broken in a way that calls for intervention. Is it possible to fix it? First of all, yes, it’s always possible to fix an ailing or damaged relationship. But what you need to do first is figure out whether it’s worth it by asking yourself questions like the following:

  • Do both you and your sugar daddy want to fix the relationship?
  • Do you both want the same future for the relationship?
  • Are either or both of you dealing with unresolved trauma that may be keeping you stuck?
  • Do you both feel ready to commit to the work it will take to repair the relationship?

As long as both parties want the same thing and are committed to fixing things, even the most broken relationships are potentially fixable. The only exception would be if the relationship is abusive on either side. Abusive relationships really are not relationships at all, and it’s better that they end.

How to Fix a Troubled Relationship

Ready to get to work putting things back together with your sugar daddy? Here are some tips to get started with.

Remember the good times

If you and your sugar daddy have had problems for a while, you might have forgotten what it feels like to laugh together and feel close. But it’s crucial to bring those times back to the forefront of your mind.

These times, experiences, and connections prove that fighting and resentment aren’t all your relationship is about. It was something much different once, and it can be that way again.

Learn how to diffuse conflict

A sugar baby and sugar daddy who have been together a while have almost certainly learned how far is too far to take things during an argument. But they often deliberately and repeatedly cross that boundary regardless.

The key to healing a relationship is making the deliberate decision not to do that anymore. Either you or your sugar daddy can do this by simply stopping the interaction if it gets too heated or steering the discussion into safer, more respectful waters.

Practice accountability

Taking turns playing the blame game doesn’t get a couple anywhere when they’re trying to find their way back to one another. No one is ever willing to accept all of the blame for a struggling relationship upon themselves, so you’re fighting a losing battle.

When a relationship is damaged, both people are often at fault to varying degrees. The way back to relationship health is to hold yourself accountable for your actions and choices. Remember, your partner is your teammate, not your enemy.

Another thing any ailing couple should absolutely do is ensure they’re making their relationship and quality time spent together proper priorities. So many relationships die a slow death by neglect, but paying the right kind of attention to one another again can help bring it back.

Schedule time to spend together if you have to. Spend at least a little bit of time each day talking to one another about anything you like – even if you have to do it via video chat or instant message because you’re physically apart. It makes a huge difference, especially over time.

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