How To Identify An Authentic Gucci Crossbody Bag

If you are purchasing high-quality and high-end items, you must always be looking out for Gucci bags on sale. Luxury brands never cut the prices. To your utter surprise, they burn the unsold items! Still, you might find a couple of discreet outlets of Gucci selling products at varying discounts.

On discounts or sales, people get scammed all the time for buying Gucci items. They get lured and tricked in various ways. You might see an advertisement online saying new Gucci handbags on sale! Or, you might come across an acquaintance who will give you an offer to connect with their personal buyer to get your most desired Gucci shoulder bag at half price.

However, you will see people legitimately buying authentic bags too on sale or discount. Here, we will help you to check a Gucci crossbody bag on sale or at a discount. Read on if you don’t want to end up buying a fake Gucci bag at a discount. Also, we will make your aware of how people sometimes manage to buy real Gucci on sale.

Examining A Gucci Crossbody Bag On Discount

Gucci hobo bag, Crossbody bag, and Gucci purse are some of the most popular Gucci items. Hence, you could get easily convinced to buy one from somewhere other than the main store and at lower prices. That’s okay; you are allowed to look for opportunities. Even if you plan to visit to buy one on discount, you should know how to mark the authentic. Have a look at the aspects below to learn the bags people are selling are the real ones.

Inspecting The Quality Of Lather

Gucci collects materials that are of premium quality. If it’s a leather bag that you are checking, there are few ways you can ensure it the real lather. First of all, the real lather is just like our skin. Hence, when you put pressure on the lather, it will get wrinkled, just like your skin will get.

Another way you can check the quality of the leather is by smelling it. There’s a subtle difference between fake and genuine leather. We have your nose has a heightened sense for separating the smell of real lather from some synthetic materials. If it’s a synthetic material, then there will be you will certainly smell some sort of chemicals on it.

There are some other ways, such as- when you bend a real lather, and it will change color. Also, real leather is somewhat imperfect. Anyway, you can test the materials in many more ways. For example, burning test, water test, and can necessarily perform those on a shop, can you?

Inspecting The Fabric

Testing fabric requires flames and some other tools. As a result, you can check the fabric at a store easily. So, it’s better you just check the outer materials. If you can successfully check all the materials other than the fabric side of a bag, you will still be able to tell the difference.

Checking The Stitches And Name

Every product from Gucci has some handcrafts on it. For example, stitches in the constricted areas. Hand stitches will seem tighter, crisp in form. To check that, you need to look at the belts of the bags and joining sections of the belts with the bags. There are stitches from the machines too. Those should be perfectly straight and impeccable in every possible way.

You will find the Gucci logo all over a bag, but inside there will be a small portion of leather stitched on the bag with the full name on it. If you don’t find that, that’s a major red flag.

Checking The Zippers, Logos

Zippers in Gucci bags are made from metal and big teeth. Also, when you pull the zipper, it should move without any kind of tightness in its way. There will be a logo on the zipper too. Note that, in newer Gucci bags, the logo can be found on the zipper’s flip side.

To check the logos, see if they are printed clearly, and they are void of distortions. There will be a double G pattern right on the top of the bags. Always remember, the real Gucci logo has both Gs overlaid on one top of another. You should check the serifs of the Gs. They should be elegantly long.

Some Other Essentials Aspects

The bags should come with Controllato cards, serial numbers, and information cars. If you don’t find these, you know what it is.

How Do People Buy Real Gucci On Sale

We are using sale and discount interchangeably here because Gucci is rarely in a sale. If you hear someone buy real Gucci at a discount, they must have collected it from some outlet. The outlets don’t clearly state that they are ‘outlets.’  You could luckily find unsold products around the world in those. Also, authentic product always has a return policy and serial numbers on the bags.

To Warp-Up

Owning a Gucci bag can make one feel contented, and it’s right for all the fashionistas. If you aim to buy one- do buy from real stores, and do check their authenticity. Replicas are everywhere, and people do buy them knowingly! But it’s not the same when you get heartbroken by spending money on a fake Gucci bag with the expectation of getting a real one!