How to Improve Workplace Morale With Simple Tweaks


The greatest business people know that even a 5-minute personal conversation with a colleague can make a substantial difference. Big changes don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some simple tweaks you can add to really boost team morale at a fraction of the cost long-term.

Start With the Basics

Be sure to remember the details. Remembering seemingly small things like birthdays and those exciting plans for the weekend will make a big difference in helping a colleague feel connected. If you really want to show your employees you care, invest in a Melbourne office coffee machine. You may not have time to take out each employee individually for coffee, this will do it all for you. Having top tier coffee available for employees rather than instant coffee will make your workplace that much better.

Keep it Clean

Most workplaces have a small designated area for eating and taking that well-needed break. Workers naturally feel more rested in a clean environment, so ensuring this place is extra clean (a room commonly overlooked) will help re-energise workers. Requesting a ‘deep clean’ from your cleaners is recommended.

Bonus Tip

Post an out of work event organising a catch up for drinks after work at the local bar. You’ll be surprised that not everyone will have made plans. Some may love the extra socialisation in their lives. In a public setting, this will help you build trust with some of those colleagues that may be tricky to get to know or may need a few drinks to loosen up.

Find Out Employee’s Hobbies

Genuinely ask them what their interests are in their spare time. They’ll appreciate talking to you about things other than work-related topics or their boring everyday life. Whether it’s nerdy online card games or bodybuilding competitions, employees will appreciate opening this side up with you. You may even find some of your employees have the same hobbies as you!

A Birthday Treat

Rather than simply giving employees a cake for their birthday, offering them a paid day off will give them a day to remember. This simple tweak will have a drastic effect on the employee and will make them feel very grateful (something every boss wants), ultimately helping you in the long run.

Present Your Best Self 

Simply adjusting the way you dress, maybe buying a new fragrance, getting that sharp haircut, or changing up your wardrobe will prove essential. This will leave not only you feeling fantastic but will leave a cleaner, more professional imprint on those around you in the workplace. Employees will feel like you’re putting in the effort every day!

Ensure Your Employees are Treated Correctly

Studies show people tend to work better in democratic environments rather than totalitarian ones. Don’t be THAT big scary boss, it will wear employees out! Rather, create an open environment, where employees can communicate their needs and are encouraged to take their breaks to feel re-energised. The old slogan still holds – work smarter not harder! This will improve trust greatly, as everyone wants to be recognised as a human, rather than a robot. Most employees spend more time around their fellow co-workers rather than their family, and thus a supportive environment is important.

Invite the Family to Work

Allow loved ones and the people behind the scenes in the employees’ lives to come along to work for a day. It will help build that connection between their work life and personal life. Families witnessing employees in their environment will be able to cherish the efforts and be given a greater understanding of their work life.

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