How to Improve Your Disc Golf Putting Accuracy

Disc golf is an internationally recognized sport that is growing in popularity every year. Because of this, courses are popping up everywhere and they are increasing in difficulty in order to enhance the sport.

In order to stay competitive in the world of disc golf, it is important to work on your putting game. Accuracy is so important in this sport and you need to be able to keep your score low by having the most accurate throws possible. Below you will find some tips to improve your putting accuracy so that you can advance your disc golf career.

Create Obstacles

Any disc golf course that you will find will have lots of obstacles, whether that be trees, hills, buildings, etc. If you have your own basket, go out to a local park or forest and place the basket behind a few trees. Once the basket is placed, practice your close-range accuracy by attempting curved shots.

Try this with a few different obstacles to test your abilities and challenge your aim. With this practice, you will be prepared for anything on the disc golf course.


If you have a hard time with your aim, the best thing you can do is repeat repeat repeat. Once you have your basic form down, throw your disc the same way several times to develop muscle memory.

If you want to spice up your disc golf practice, try throwing from all different angles and attempting trick shots. You never know when you’ll get the opportunity to show off your putting skills.

Make Sure You Are Using the Right Discs

Make Sure You Are Using the Right Discs

Beginners in this sport may not realize that there are many different types of discs in disc golf. Like golf clubs in regular golf, disc golf discs come in categories. There are long-distance drivers, middle-distance discs, and even putters.

If you want to work on your putting accuracy, make sure you are using a putting disc, not a driver or any other disc. Once you find putters in a store or online, make sure you find one that fits your needs. The four types of putters are understandable, stable, overstable, and approach. Each of these serves a different purpose depending on the goal you want to achieve.

Practice Putting Drills

Many disc golf players who just play for fun really try to play for distance and put most of their focus on power. Obviously, getting your disc to go far is important, but putting is almost just as important. If you practice your short game, you will end up with lower scores and better results.

Spend some time standing close to a basket and drill yourself. Practice putting from the same spot 50 to 100 times until you feel like you can make the basket every time. Repeat this technique in different spots around the basket and using different throwing styles.

Practice Putting Drills

Just like with regular golf, putting can be the hardest skill to master in disc golf. These tips will help you to up your putting game and help you to show off your skills on the disc golf course. With practice, repetition, and correct disc use you will begin to reduce your score the next time you play.