How to increase followers on Instagram

How to increase followers on Instagram? It is a question that makes more and more sense today because Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks worldwide. There are currently about 1 billion users, with a prevalent age of fewer than 35 years who use Instagram. A social network that is very popular with young people and that represents a very effective channel, especially for companies capable of communicating through images.

Obviously, the results of good communication on Instagram are obtained if you can communicate to a very large pool of people. In other words, if an account is very popular, each published post will reach a large audience, and if the content is valid, a very high level of involvement will be obtained. A large number of followers means having an audience always ready to receive the messages sent and, therefore, to give value to the marketing communication efforts that the company makes. Obviously, having a large number of followers alone does not necessarily bring economic results, but it is impossible not to recognize that it is a good starting point.

So here is a short guide to increase followers on Instagram by taking advantage of only the operations and non-paid features offered by the platform.

Publish quality images

At the base of any activity that can be carried out on Instagram, the basis of everything is the quality of the images that are published. All images must be expressive, aesthetically pleasing, and as original as possible. To obtain excellent results, it is good to be able to equip yourself with professional image shooting and editing tools, in order to produce visual content of high aesthetic value. It is also advisable to have graphics and photo editing skills to be able to act on the images and make them more captivating and particular.

Instagram itself provides a number of filters to be used to facilitate the work of even the less experienced. But they cannot work miracles on their own: to be successful, the starting photo must, in any case, be accurate and quality. Furthermore, the time when the most suitable images for this social network were the roughest and taken directly from real situations is now over.

By now, the most appreciated images are the ones that have the greatest aesthetic impact, and users can immediately distinguish between botched and amateur contents from the most artistic and qualitative ones. Only the latter will be able to gain attention to the point of inducing them to permanently follow the account that published them, thus increasing the number of followers.

Harness the power of captions

The caption of a photo is not the first thing that is noticed in a post. But often, it is the one that gives meaning to the image, leading the user to stop and reflect. A good caption fixes the emotion aroused by the photo, transforming it into a structured thought.

The best captions are those witty and funny, but also those that make you reflect on a specific topic, those that ask a question or propose to do some specific action. For instance, supporting a humanitarian cause or deepening a particular theme (also discovering more details on a product). Nocaply find your next caption for your post can be a great help. The more involved a user is, the more likely they are to become a follower.

Establish a solid relationship with influencers already on Instagram

A great way to get noticed is to go in search of the most influential users: The influencer, in fact, exerts a strong involvement towards his followers, who often tend to imitate their behaviors and tastes. If the influencer starts showing interest in a certain brand, a significant portion of his followers will likely do the same. For you, this interest will translate into new followers. These followers will often also be very active and convinced, precisely because they are motivated by the fact that the influencers that follow have spoken well of you.

Obviously, the greatest difficulty is to convince the influencers identified to mention you and advertise you. A good influencer marketing policy must be put in place: first of all, good relationships with influencers must be established by following their content and giving Instagram followers, likes and comments to what they publish.

This will leverage their vanity, leading them to look at your brand with more attention and availability. Then they can be contacted directly to offer remuneration in exchange for mentioning your brand or your products. Micro-influencers can also settle for some free products; the bigger ones will ask for a cash return. If the amount requested is not too expensive or disproportionate, it is absolutely convenient to accept.

Track users’ followings

When a user is followed up, he receives a notification and often reciprocates with a follow back. So to increase your followers, the main way is to start to follow in turn those users who want to have among their fans.

The problem is that if you follow too many users while there are few who reciprocate, you run the risk of having a high number of followers and a low number of followers, which is not very positive in the eyes of the public. When you find that a certain user has not followed up, it can be beneficial to stop following him. On the other hand, if you receive a follow from a target user, you should follow it, in turn, to consolidate the relationship and reduce the risk of unfollowing.

Basically, it is advisable to continuously monitor the flow of followers, using, for example, applications such as Unfollower Stats or Followers & Likes Tracker for Instagram. These applications monitor the behavior of users in real-time with their accounts and give way to manage the following quickly, unfollow, and follow back.

Use stories well

Stories are extremely popular on Instagram. Many users prefer them far to the posts published in the regular feed. Publishing beautiful Stories means increasing the chances of being noticed by users, with the effect of making them become followers.