How To Install An In-ground Basketball Hoop


As an avid basketball fan, there could be nothing better than having your own basketball hoop right on your property. With it, you can practice shots and constantly train without having to go find a court or walk miles to see an available one. Without a doubt, having the best in-ground basketball hoop is the best thing for any fan of the game, as you not only get to enjoy the game but be a part of it, to an extent at least.

Getting a hoop can be very easy. Lots of sports stores sell them, plus you can look online to get other options. An in-ground hoop sounds even better, because:

  • It takes up less space
  • It is more stable
  • It comes with adjustable features
  • It takes the home experience to another level

So those are just some of the reasons why you should consider getting an in-ground basketball hoop in the first place. There is a lot to gain. What makes it a better choice is that, contrary to your thoughts, an in-ground basketball game can be very easy to install. In fact, it is so easy, you can do it yourself without having to call in ‘professionals’. Yes. That easy.

Now that you have bought the basketball hoop, or even before buying it, you want to settle certain factors concerning the location of the in-ground hoop

  • The Area Must Be Free Of Obstacles

This is very important. Where would you like to place the hoop? You would not want to place the hoop in an area where you would have to constantly worry about obstacles like windows or fences, or even branches of trees sticking out that may block your shot, or impair your visibility. The point here is to place the hoop somewhere where you do not have to excessively worry before and during play.

  • The Area Must Be Good To Play On

That’s another big factor. You want to make sure that the place where you want to install the hoop and get to eventually play on is one that would be good for a game. The floor area must be level and even, so that you may even measure it with paint to give it a more professional touch or look. Making this decision before placing your hoop can go a long way to define your gaming experience.

  • The Area Must Be Available

There’s no good having a hoop in a place that won’t be used most of the time, like a car park or something of that sort. You want to be able to train regularly, so locate the hoop somewhere you would get the opportunity most of the time

Those are just some of the key rules to follow before you even start installing the basketball hoop as this could define how much you enjoy the hoop in the long run.

Now that we have settled on locating it, let us now view the installation process proper.

First, you would need:

  • Concrete, about 80lbs
  • Shovel, to dig, and mix the concrete
  • Trowel, to smooth the platform
  • Gloves, to protect your hands
  • Ladders, to place the backboard and nets
  • And other things that would be listed as we go on

1. Digging The Hole

The hoop manufacturer should indicate just how much you should dig a hole for the pole. Follow the measurement well. Normally, it would be something around 4 feet. Dig the hole carefully, trying not to make it too wide. A good point to take note of when digging a hole is to be sure there are no underground water and electricity pipes so you do not create unnecessary accidents. Another thing to do is to try and keep the concrete in place, either by using wooden shocks, which you place around it.

2. Pouring The Concrete

Make sure to mix the concrete well before pouring, so it stays and does not have air pockets. When you sure the consistency is right, pour it into the hole created, using the shocks as a guide. The manufacturer may likely include a rebar anchor, which you fix the pole on to, with the use of screws. If that is the case, after pouring the concrete, try to place the rebar into the concrete, up to a particular depth, again check the instructions. Otherwise, if there is no bar, just place the pole into the ground while pouring the concrete. Be sure to use your trowel to agitate the concrete so there are no holes, and for everything to settle in well. You can tell someone to help raise the pole with you, and hold it in place as you pour the concrete. Also, make sure to install the backboard first.

3. Letting It Dry

Give the concrete 2 – 5 days to dry, depending on the weather. Remember that the key to having the best in ground basketball hoop is for it to be straight, so constantly check that it is not leaning. If you had a rebar anchor, you can now install the rest of the pole, and then the backboard, rim, and net. Use a very stable ladder for this, and be careful so you do not break or damage any parts.

4. Cleaning Up

Make sure to get rid of excess concrete, and also try to clean the pole, especially the base. Check that all the parts are installed with precision, and try to use every bolt and screws, covering every available hole.

So there it is. Installing your own basketball hoop is not as difficult as you thought. All you need is to pay attention to details and follow the instructions well, and you can have the best in-ground basketball hoop.

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