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How to install cellular shades is very simple with this handy guide. Every individual wishes to try and do some DIY projects for themselves; don’t be lazy to acquire knowledge unless you don’t have enough time. We are in the trickiest century that you need to try some tasks right at home.

Therefore, here is a report with step by steps guide on how to install cellular blinds yourself. Stop the habit of seeking professional help for everything you want to do. However, sometime you may have no other choice but seek clarification or assistance from experts. Don’t forget cellular shades are expensive materials, so don’t play with them; if you can fix, do so, and if not, leave it for an expert.

What is a cellular shade?

Cellular shade falls among window treatments featuring one continuous fabric that can fold up or roll-up. You will finding cellular shades in varying sized-pleats, color options, and light control, i.e., blackout and sheer. They ensure maximum insulation level as a result of their honeycomb design for air cells

The honeycomb feature is ideal for trapping air and developing a layer between your room’s exterior and interior parts. The trapped air is responsible for minimizing hot air leaving the room during the winter.

At least now you have a clue on cellular blinds. Let us now walk through steps by step guide on how to install cellular shades.

How to install cellular shades steps by steps guide

Step one: Available Reading instructions

Before we start our today’s tutorial guide, it is good to make sure that you carefully revise all available instructions. Inspect the package’s contents and then confirm the cellular shade measurements to be confident with your order. However, the factor may leave some allowances for fitting.

Step two: assembling necessary tools and materials

This step involves gathering all materials and tools that you may need before starting the installation process. Therefore, you may need materials and devices, including a pencil, drill, screwdriver, screws, step ladder, or stool. However, your package may come with standard screws, toggles, wall plugs, among other fasteners.

Since cleaning is a DIY project, consider safety measures, i.e., put on an apron, protective goggles to prevent dust from getting into your eyes, and vinyl gloves to avoid small injuries. Sometimes you may also have to put on boots for the safety of your legs.

Step three: fixing the brackets

You can install your cellular shades to fit outside or inside the window frame. Place the bracket in the headrail ready for mounting so that they get familiar with their way.

Attach a hook on the front part of brackets and a ridge at the top of the headrail surface. Push up your cellular shade until the headrail fits into the frame. For safety reasons, make sure you include all the brackets available.

Step four: Attaching brackets the surface you want to install your cellular shade

There are two types of mounting, i.e., outside mount and inside mount. Inside mount, place the brackets on the top of your window’s frame, leaving an allowance of about 50 millimeters from the window’s edge. Under this step, you will have to ensure that all brackets are equal.

Outside mount involves placing cellular shade at your window’s center above the opening, depending on your desires’ height. Ensure that you mark the end position of the headrail on a wall. Attach the brackets on the wall leaving an allowance of 50 millimeters from the window’s edge.

Just like inside mounting, ensure that the brackets fall in one level.

Step five: hanging the shade

For the inside mount, gently squeeze the head rail’s back to fit in between the brackets. Try to fix the shade on the rear portion at the bottom of the headrail to include the hook near the bracket’s front.

Outside mounting involves including the hook at the bracket’s front featuring a rig at the above surface of your headrail. Squeeze to fix the shade on the rear portion at the headrail’s bottom until it fits into the brackets.

Step six: measures to protect kids

To create a more secure environment for your kids, make sure you install the interior window covering so that the cord doesn’t form a loop. Always keep it 1600 millimeters from the floor. In short, make sure that children don’t reach your cellular shade.

Remember to put your kid’s life and yourself in front.

Step seven: testing your cellular shade if it functions well

Under this step, you need to lower the cellular blind, pull or push the cord down and then move it at the center for unlocking the line. You can also position it to meet your desires. Release the line to go back into its position

Frequently asked question

Is it necessary to read instructions before the installation of cellular shades?

Of course, yes, it is good to ensure that you carefully read all the available instructions. And inspect the package’s contents. Confirm the measurements of cellular shade to be sure of your order. However, the factor may leave some allowances for fitting.

What are the two types of shade mounting?

There exist two types of mounting that is outside mount and inside mount. Whereby you will have to place the brackets on the top of your window’s frame, leaving an allowance of about 50 millimeters from the window’s edge.


Installing your cellular shade is not a difficult task as long as you have enough time and knowledge. Cellular shades are excellent fabric materials that can shower your home with beautiful design and style; that is if you correctly install them. Remember, installation is something that you can do yourself with a lot of ease.

You can do it yourself using the above steps by a straightforward step guide. What you need is to ensure you get the right materials and tools for better results. You may call for help from an expert if you fail to install the cellular shades for yourself.

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