How to install wireless trail cameras


Wireless trail cameras are quite common for people to enjoy outdoor activities such as hunting. The trail cameras also referred to as cellular cameras are equipped with a cellular network that transmits the captured photos to a particular viewing device for later reference such that you don’t need to go near the target to take other pictures. This device is recommended for hunters since it enables them to determine their target with ease even from afar. Other than hunters, this device can also be used by a property owner to safeguard their property from breakage and theft.

Why are the wireless trail cameras preferred?

  • Makes the work easy

In hunting, a hunter is expected to keep on monitoring the movement of the animals for easy targeting and the possibility of catching an animal. Therefore, instead of climbing up the ridges or trees to view the target, a wireless trail camera makes the work easy for you. All you need to do is connect the camera in an area where the animals frequent, then sync it with your smartphone and you can easily follow up from wherever you are.

  • Easy to use

These cameras are wireless which makes installation easy and convenient. This is also a safety feature for those who may need to use the cameras for security purposes in homes since outsiders cannot easily detect the installation of the cameras.

How do you install the wireless trail cameras?

The following are essential steps to follow when installing wireless trail cameras

1. Check for all the items

The first step you need to take when installing your trail camera is to make sure all the parts are available on the package. If it is your first time to install the camera, use the guide manual to check if all the parts you will be connecting are available. It is also crucial that you update the camera’s firmware before you start to install it. Remove the batteries and connect them to charge.

2. Find your location

Ones you have confirmed all parts are present; the other step to take is to find the appropriate place to install the camera. The choice of location is determined by what you want to capture with the camera. It is recommended that you do a thorough survey of the place you wish to allocate the camera even before buying it. But, you can also use GPS to help you select the right position. When choosing the location, make sure to choose an area that is not frequented by people as this increases the chances of getting excellent and clear images.

3. Install the batteries and SD card

Ones the batteries are fully charged (which does not take long) install them to the trail camera together with the SD card. An SD card is crucial since it increases memory for storing the captured photos. The cameras are equipped with different SD sizes for customers to choose from so this should be a trait to check out for when choosing your camera. Other than installing the batteries and the SDS card, make sure to set your camera settings like the flash, trigger frequency and speed.

4. Mount/Install the camera

There are a variety of ways which you can use to install your camera. You can opt to use a bungee cord to wrap it around the tree or build a mounting system that suits you. So, select your preferred installation mode to set the camera on the location.

5. Activate and set the camera

Ones you have mounted the camera on the tree, check out its functionality by activating it. You can also try out different settings equipped on the camera to choose the setting that suits your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are trail cameras useful at night?

A: Yes. Majority of the trail cameras are equipped with an LED light that enables them to take even colored pictures at night.

Q: What size of SD card should I use with my trail camera?

A: The size option depends on the brand. Some brands recommend the use of s 32 GB while others may recommend a smaller or larger size. But most of the cameras can be used with a 32 GB SD card

Q: How can I stop my field scan from lapsing quickly?

A: Avoid setting the scanning time at the same time interval or make sure they don’t overwrap. For example, you can’t set the start time to be 6 pm and end time be 8 pm

Q: Do I need to keep on updating my camera’s software update?

A: Yes. The camera brands usually put up update details for the customers to access when updating the software of their cameras.

Q: How do I know the battery of the camera is running low?

A: The cameras are equipped with LED notifications that show when the battery is running low. You can check on the manual guide to see the light indicating the battery shows when running low.


The wireless trail cameras are quite reliable for hunters and people who want to ensure total security in their homes when not around. If it is your first time to install this camera, follow the above steps to guide in installing the camera to your preferred place.

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