How to keep a gun safe at home


Gun safe is one the most reliable places where you can securely store your guns. However, you need to ensure that your safe is away from burglar and intruders and securely placed in the house. Besides, gun safe you can also use other methods of keep gun safe at home.

Gun safes is designed to protect unauthorized persons accessing your gun but keep it in the open place always attract other persons and children to access it. Therefore, hiding gun safe at home is also a great option to keep gun safe at home.

Keeping guns away from moisture and rust also important to keep the it safe. So, if you would like to know more about how to keep a gun safe at home, below guidelines could be a great help for you.

Why you need to conceal your gun safe

You can be tempted to leave your gun safe in a visible place particularly when it comes with beautiful features. However, this can increase your safety risk as well as that of your loved ones. For one, when an intruder or drunkard sees your gun safe, they will understand that you have a firearm or other valuables. This can add to the risk of burglary in your home. Remember that no matter how strong your safe maybe, a professional burglar can break it.

When you hide your gun well, you can easily surprise any intruder who gets into your home. This can be an advantage for you over the attacker.  After your gun is well secured in a safe, it’s advisable to add its protection by concealing it.

Best places to keep a gun safe at home

There are certain places where your gun safe will be well hidden from burglars and kids but are within reach.


If you already have some pottery pieces that are big enough, they can be a nice place to hide your gun safe. No thief or kid will ever think of checking your pottery pieces. However, this place is only suitable for small gun safes often used to store pistols.


This may look like an obvious place given that this is where most gun owners keep their guns. Therefore, you will be risking putting your gun here as it’s the first place that burglars check when they get into your home.  However, it’s still an option. Besides, you can be more creative and cover the gun safe with a blanket or clothing.

The main reasons why the majority of gun holders put their guns in the closet are because it offers fast access to the gun in case of a security breach. Closets also have the necessary square footage for hiding the average-sized gun safe. Since they have a door, you can keep the gun safe out of view. If you are going to put it in the closet, make sure you get a good gun safe.

Air vent

There are lower chances that anyone will be searching for your gun safe in the air vent. You can create a fake air vent or you can hide it in the real one. This can go a long way in protecting your gun from burglars and kids.

Hidden floor spaces

The majority of homes have floors that are built over a frame. You may want to add a makeshift safe in such a place. All you need to do is to cut the floor and lift a piece to hide your gun. You will want to find a strategic place so that you do not forget the location of the gun safe.

Behind a painting or mirror

A great way of concealing a gun safe is by attaching it to the wall behind the mirror. The majority of mirrors have a natural appearance that compliments the look of your room. This is why it is hard for intruders to think of searching for a gun in such a place.

Even if they happen to find the safe, they will not easily reach the gun as they will have to open the safe first. You can also hide the gun safe behind a clock or other wall decoration. The most important thing is to find something wide enough to conceal the gun safe.

Under the furniture

You can also drill below different pieces of furniture to hide your gun safe. You can hide it under the office desk, sofas, chairs, and much more.

Concealment shelves

Many concealment shelves are available in the market today that can be a great place for hiding handgun safes. The majority of concealment shelves are made to look like everyday furniture items such as clocks, drawers, picture frames, and much more.


There are many underground locations where you can hide your gun safe. These include PVC pipe, ammo can, pelican case, and more. Just make sure that your gun is protected from moisture.

In the nightstand

Nowadays we have nightstands that have built-in gun safes. Such can be a great way of hiding your gun.  You can also update your drawer to enable it to fit a gun safe. You may therefore want to invest in a small pistol safe that you can easily drill beneath the nightstand. This will keep your pistol hidden and secure.

Food boxes

You can use a random food box such as a pizza box to conceal your gun safe. This is a great option as it’s one of the last areas where a burglar can check.  The kitchen is also a good place to hide your gun and therefore, a food box will work well. Ensure that the food box is well cleaned so that it’s not smelly.

Keep guns away from moisture

Keeping firearms at the gun safe is not the only think is keep it safe. You also need to keep the guns away from moisture, water etc. To keep the temperature at the acceptable level you can use a good quality branded dehumidifier.


Studies indicate that over 30% of kids who know where their parents keep their guns have tried their hands on them.  You can, therefore, see why hiding your gun safe is always a good idea. Not only it will prevent the loss of your guns, but also it will protect unwanted incident.

But before you conceal your gun, you will need to ensure that it’s in a gun safe. The good news is that you can now find a budget gun safe that will help to protect your gun. By getting a little bit creative, you can hide your gun safe in a place that is not within the reach of intruders.


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