How to Keep Bugs Out Of Your Garage


Your garage is an important part of your home as it provides shelter to your vehicles. It’s also a place where you can safely store your tools, gym equipment and everything else that you do not use on a daily basis or need inside your home. You can also use your garage as an office or a game room. However, bug infestation in garages is a common problem. Many homeowners have at some point in their lives had to deal with silverfish, crickets, mice, spiders, flies and sowbug infestation in their garage.  Here’s how to keep bugs out of your garage according to

During the summer months, the heat often drives bugs to your garage to look for water, cool air and a place to take cover from the sweltering heat. In the winter the bugs will hide in your garage for warmth. Since the garage door is often left open for long periods of time, bugs can easily access this space and make it their home. However, there are several things that you can do to get rid of the bugs inside your garage and also prevent new ones from getting inside.

Here’s how to keep bugs out of your garage. 

1. Seal Your Garage Doors

One of the best ways to keep bugs out of your garage is by installing a garage door seal at the bottom and the sides of your garage door. A garage door seal is usually made of aluminum, rubber, and vinyl. Installing a garage door seal will securely protect your garage from pesky bugs and in addition, you will be protected from weather elements such as rainwater seeping in and the wind blows.  Check out this garage door seal guides from Soundproof Panda and see which one will best suit your garage needs.

2. Clean Your Garage and Remove Existing Pests

One of the reasons why bugs love the garage is because of the warm and dark corners that are usually not cleaned on a daily basis. Leftover food particles that are left on your tires are the reason why roaches and mice will never leave. If you want to get rid of bugs, you must start by cleaning and organizing your entire garage. Start by taking everything out of the garage and clean from top to bottom. You can use a pesticide spray to kill all existing pests. Once your garage is clean, arrange all the items on smart shelving ensuring that nothing is left on the ground. Dry up all the wet areas as bugs are also attracted to such places. 

3. Lay Traps

If your garage is rodent-infested laying a trap can be a good reinforcement to catch all the mice living in your garage. Put the traps in the areas you suspect the mice could be hiding. Remember to check the traps once in a while as you do not want decomposed bugs to stink up your home.

4. Don’t Leave the Door Open For Too Long

A simple way of keeping bugs out of your garage is by keeping the garage door closed at all times. Most people forget to do this and this is why large pests such as raccoons, squirrels, and rodents find their way into the garage. Always close your garage door immediately you leave and teach your children and family members to do the same as well. 

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