How to Keep Pesky Pests Away from Your Office


Are you suffering from an infestation of creepy crawlies in your workplace? Office pests could start out as a nuisance but without being dealt with properly your own wellbeing, office block and electrical fittings are at stake. It’s not only hazardous and unhygienic but also makes getting tasks done near impossible. 

The best solution is to contact the pest control services professionals straight away. But here are a few pointers on what you and your colleagues can do daily thereafter to ensure the pesky pests are kept at bay.

1. Avoid Humidity

A dehumidifier will help if your office air’s particularly cool and damp. This will keep your staff in good health and reduce the risk of pests & rodents who love such climates. 

By keeping a safe indoor humidity level, sweeping down spider webs from ceilings and corners, & dusting down windowsills, you’ll help keep spiders away too.

2. Clean Up Spills and Throw Away Food Waste

Your workplace should be kept clean at all times. Any spills should be wiped up immediately, from coffee and milk to sodas & sugar. Pests such as ants gravitate towards spillage, especially of the sticky kind, so ensure your desk, office kitchen counter and floors are spotless. 

Your office can either contract a cleaning company to clean your offices often, or a rotating cleaning roster allocating a simple task to each staff members can ease the burden of daily cleaning. 

Make sure office furniture such as chairs, couches and cushions are regularly cleaned & vacuumed to avoid any fleas and bugs from making a home inside the fabric.

Food waste should also be correctly managed, regularly disposed of, and removed from the office kitchens to avoid insect infestations. Dustbins also need to be cleaned out to prevent rotting food and terrible odours. 

Office coffee grounds are so powerfully strong that many pests steer clear of the smell. Find an effective way to dispose of coffee grounds in your office kitchen as a form to deter pesky intruders.

3. Maintain Your Office Building

Whether you own your office building or are renting it out, it’s your responsibility to check a clean work environment is maintained to adhere to pest control. 

  • Building structures: Remember to look at the roof, gutters, corners and crevices in ceilings in the event that pests have created a nest. This is particularly important to look out for if it’s above a walkway or guest entrance. Your gutters should be cleaned often.
    Indoor plants: Keep an eye on your indoor plants. They’re a secret hideout for tiny insects. Care for and water your office plants correctly & frequently. If you notice anything suspicious such as fungus gnats that come from incorrect watering, have it tended to without a delay. If you have an office courtyard or garden, make sure it’s also well maintained. 
  • Keep the lights on: Cockroaches tend to come out in the dark, so keeping the lights switched on is a deterrent for pests, especially in office kitchens, storerooms and warehouses.
  • Pipes and plumbing: Examine your plumbing and air conditioners for possible leaks. Water attracts rodents, so double check your office bathroom basins and kitchen sinks to be certain no water’s being wasted or enticing uninvited guests. 
  • Seal the cracks: Cracks are doorways for bugs and termites. Even extremely small holes aren’t too tiny for these pests. Seal any cracks as soon as you see them.

If you see any small creepy crawlies or droppings on your desk, floor or shelves or in your office storeroom, don’t take no notice of them. They won’t go away! Be alert to spot missing food, damaged food packing or anything that causes uneasiness and suggests a possible pest invasion. 

Make sure your storeroom isn’t cluttered and is also regularly cleaned. It’s always better to pre-empt a small insect issue before it becomes and uncontrolled infestation. 

4. Store Food Away

Whether you’ve had a teatime snack or have just finished your packed lunch, either wash your storage container straight after eating or make sure the leftovers are packed into a sealed tub. Your trail of crumbs or an unsealed sweet drink will attract plenty of ants. 

Any uncovered fruit is sure to bring the fruit flies in in their hoards. In the same way, uncovered food left out overnight will invite cockroaches to a feast.

5. Contact the Experts

If you’ve had an infestation before and the pests find their way back into your office, then contact the pest control experts once again. They’re reliable and trained to know how to get to the root of the problem. It may mean your office needs to be evacuated for a while during a fumigation, but the results will be effective and your health won’t be compromised.

It’s up to your whole office team to each do their part to prevent pesky pests from joining your staff. When you’re overwhelmed or fear the onslaught of an infestation, contract pest control services to get the job done quickly and effectively.

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