How to Know If you Can Claim Injury Compensation in Western Australia


Personal injury claims cover all injury compensation cases that are caused by the negligence of other person or other parties and also workers compensation cases. If you want to know if you qualify for personal injury compensation, there a few ways you can find out:

Option 1 – Self Assessment

Most people start their personal injury compensation claims by asking him or herself the following questions:

  • Did the accident happened in Western Australia?

  • Did the accident happened in the last 3 years?

  • Can I provide evidence that my injury is caused by other people or other parties?

  • Do I have witnesses to support my claim of events?

  • Do I have medical evidence to link my injury to the accident?

  • Do I have economic loss that I intend to claim?

If your accident happened in Western Australia in the past 3 years and have evidence to link your accident to the injury then there is a good chance that you may have a personal injury claim in Western Australia. Please be aware that if you have issues to establish some of the above questions, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a personal injury claim. All it means is that you may need the help of a specialist injury law firm to help you to establish your eligibility. In WA, there lots of good No Win No Fee Injury Lawyers that may be able to assist you. This is because many of the good lawyers in Perth, or other regions of Western Australia offers obligation free consultation for up to 30 minutes.

Option 2 – Engage a Personal Injury Lawyer in Western Australia

According to Foyle Legal Personal Injury lawyer in Perth Western Australia, personal injury law firms in Western Australia are very perceptive of the injured people’s situation and most of them offer services to address the specific concerns of injured people from the start of the claim to the end of the claim. A good personal injury law firm should be able to assist injured all concerns at all stage of a personal injury claim.

  • At the beginning of the claim, most injured people are confused and need direction to find out what is the best way to deal with the injury and whether or not they should make a claim. If so, what kind of claim is to be made.

  • Once the injured person has made up their mind and has decided to make a personal injury compensation claim, the next challenge is to deal with the claim process. Many injured people will found themselves lost and confused and having to deal with claim officers whose job is to work against the interests’ of injured people every day.

  • Towards the end of the personal injury claim, most of the injured people will be presented with an offer to settle their personal injury claims once for all. This means that the injured people will no longer able to pursuit any future claims against the at fault party. Many injured people found it hard to place a fair value on how much their claim worth.

Option 1 vs. Option 2 – The comparison

When it comes to the comparison as which approach is better, it depends on the personal objective. Overall, it is the best to trust a good personal injury lawyer to assist with your personal injury claim. The reasons are:

  1. No Win No Fee cost agreements are there to ensure that you don’t have the financial burden to run the case

  2. No Win No Fee cost agreements also mean that your lawyer’s interest is aligned with yours. That is to get a settlement from your injury claim.

  3. Specialist personal injury lawyers bring expertise to your claims at all stages of the claim, they are best at address those un-foreseeable issues.

  4. Your lawyer’s experience in personal injury compensation will help to you get back to the equal footing with the insurer’s claim officers or insurer’s lawyers. So that you are not disadvantage. This includes finding the best medical specialists for your injury compensation claim to combat the insurers doctors.

  5. Depending on the law firm you chose, some of them may assist injured people to pay for medical reports and specialist reports. And these reports will help to strengthen your case.

How to Pick a good personal injury lawyer

Not all the personal injury law firms in Perth Western Australia offer the same service. It is most important that injured people talk to the potential law firm before committing. If you are comfortable with what you see and what you heard, please be sure check out their website and online review to make sure they are the experience, and the experience to best assist your personal injury claim.

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