How to Know if Your Friend Needs to Go to Rehab

It’s not easy to come to terms with the fact that someone you care about is struggling with drug addiction.

It could be you either don’t see them frequently enough to know what is going on in their lives or you can’t tell because the signs of drug addiction vary from person to person. Your friend could be going through a difficult phase in their lives that drug use becomes somewhat understandable.

Whatever the case, realizing the symptoms of addiction can be crucial to saving the life of your friend. Here are some common signs you should look out for if you feel your friend needs to go to rehab. Visit Addiction Helpline America to learn more about drug and alcohol rehab.

1. Drug Use Has Become Their Main Priority

A very strong sign your friend could do with rehab is if their substance of choice becomes their main focus. If being intoxicated has consumed their thoughts throughout the day and they spend a lot of resources in time and effort to buy and use the drug, they could be addicted.

As their addiction develops, their previous activities, interests, and involvements often start to take less priority. If you notice they no longer spend time doing things they used to enjoy or spending time with their loved ones, they may have a drug problem.

2. They Have Developed a Strong Tolerance

When a person takes drugs for the first time, they are not used to the effects of the drug so the feelings might be very intense. This is why the first high is usually described as the ‘best.

W/ith time, the body starts to adapt and become more ‘tolerable’. As the tolerance develops, the body becomes more dependent on the drug and requires higher amounts to achieve the same outcomes. Unfortunately, the more tolerable the user is, the more at risk they are at overdosing.

If your friend has a high tolerance for a particular drug, then you should convince them to go to rehab.

3. They Have Tried Numerously To Quit On Their Own and Failed

If your friend has unsuccessfully tried to stop using drugs, then helping them check into a drug and alcohol rehab facility could be the way to go.

Rehab centers provide a supportive environment to detox and relearn positive coping skills that can help your friend with their addiction. Rehab facilities are fully committed to abstinence and can help your friend achieve a full recovery.

4. Their Overall Health is Suffering

Drug abuse is linked with a myriad of adverse health effects. While the symptoms may depend on the drug involved, long-term use will eventually take a heavy toll on their physical, mental, and physiological well-being.

Some consequences may even prove fatal so you need to ask yourself whether your friend’s drug addiction is worth losing your friend over.

Consider Checking Your Loved One Into a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Anyone struggling with a drug addiction can profit immensely by going to rehab. Recovered addicts know how hard it is to overcome an addiction by oneself.

The healing environment provided by rehab centers can support your friend and make a successful recovery. They have individualized treatment plans to make patients aware of their triggers and what started their addiction.

If your friend exhibits any of the symptoms above, convince them to try out rehab as the first step towards recovery.