How to Know You Have Hired a Good Plumber?


Water leakage has been bothering you for quite some time. Maybe you have a clogged drain that is a significant annoyance. Or, there is a sewage pipeline that needs realignment, and it has to be done soon. What that means is you need to call the plumber quickly. As professionals, they will ensure that your plumbing problems are a thing of the past. But how do you identify the best plumbers? Is there anything that distinguishes a good plumber from a bad one? How can you tell that the plumber you’ve called is a reliable one? Read on to find out.

Signs of a Dependable Plumber

They Have a License

You can distinguish between a professional and an unprofessional by checking whether they hold a license or not. It is the same with plumbers. A licensed one tells you that they know their trade and can be depended upon in times of emergency. They have worked as apprentices for a long time and have mastered the art of dealing with every kind of plumbing situation. Many states also require any pipe fitting work to be done by licensed professionals. Maintenance specialists without one will also not be insured, and in case of accidents, mishaps, or injuries, you will have to bear their medical expenses. Similarly, if a part of your house is damaged during the repairing process, it will be covered by the company in question.

How Fast They Respond

The plumber or plumbing company you choose should have a good response time. They should be polite and transparent regarding the company’s policies, rates, and other questions that you might have. It just won’t do if you have to wait for a plumber for an entire day when a specific time has been fixed beforehand. If they are late or expected to be, you should be informed by them earlier. That is even true in cases of emergencies when you need one in the shortest time possible. Of course, you will only get an idea of a company’s work ethic after trying their services a couple of times.

Should Possess the Required Skills

A good plumber will clearly explain the problem as soon as they lay their eyes on it. For example, if you have a clogged drain, they should tell you the reason behind it, how it can be avoided, how much time it will take to unclog it, and the materials required. They will also save you from unwanted expenses by not suggesting anything unnecessary. Any good plumber will also have the necessary tools with him on the spot, rather than make you wait and delay the work while he fetches one. Some of the other skills you could look for in them are working in restricted spaces, applying adhesives, installing pipe systems, precision, and replacing faulty parts.

Must Clean Up After Completing the Work

Pipe repairs and other types of plumbing services can be messy. You could have tools, slime, bolts, or other dirt lying around. Having to clean that up by yourself can be inconvenient at times. But other than that, it is a mark of professionalism when the plumber cleans up after their work. At the same time, they should not damage other parts of your house while repairing something.

Offer a Wide Variety of Services

Of course, that is not to suggest that a single plumber should solve multiple leaks, damages, and repairs in a single day. Major ones might require some time as opposed to a minor pipe leak or spare part replacement. However, it would be helpful to check if the plumber of the company they belong to provides a wide range of services rather than limited ones. That is vital because you won’t have to look for a new repairer every time you encounter a problem. Try to go for one experienced in water leak repairs, sewer pipe relining, heating installations, interior and exterior malfunctions, septic tank setups, and other services.

They Should Accept Feedbacks/Reviews

The plumbing company you are hiring a plumber from should enjoy a favorable opinion amongst their clients. It is a proven way of knowing if you can trust them to do the job efficiently. Visit the company’s website and read the feedback provided by the customers. While doing so, check the number of stars they have received, the date on which the clients left the comments, why they are satisfied with the service provided, and the reason behind recommending you to use the same service.

These are some ways of identifying good plumbers from bad ones. Water leaks or faulty plumbing can turn into a nightmare pretty soon if left unattended. That is why having an efficient plumber is no less than a blessing.

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