How to Layer a Kaftan for Winter

Is it possible to adorn your favorite summer clothing in the cold winter without freezing to death? Or do you have to banish them to the back of your wardrobe to collect dust and mold until it is summer again?

For many women, kaftans bought from an online resource or offline are the ultimate summer wardrobe staple as they bring out the ultimate warm summery vibe. In summer, you get to test your creativity by dressing up or down the same kaftan to get the one perfect look for different occasions. But is this still possible with the chilly weather in winter?

Yes, you can still wear your favorite kaftan, but you have to layer it. Wondering how to layer a kaftan in winter? There are plenty of ways to do it. Here are some of them:

Pair with thick winter stockings and boots

For most people, the first part of the body to freeze on a chilly day is the toes. It is even worse when you are out and about walking around on a rainy or snowy day. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your feet warm and toasty. And what other better way than to keep them in thick stockings and boots?

You can choose fashion boots such as thigh-high boots, middle-length boots, or ankle boots, depending on the length and style of the kaftan. When it comes to stockings, choose a color that matches the look you want to create, and they should be the right size. You don’t want stockings to keep falling off your feet, do you?

Pair with leggings/jeans and thick socks

Just like stockings, you can layer your kaftan with leggings or tight jeans. This style is more suitable for shorter kaftans as it gives you a comfortable, modern and stylish look.

Just like stockings, jeans and legging can be layered with boots (any length) and achieve a stylish winter look. However, layering them with warm socks and flats also works well in keeping your toes from freezing.

Layer on top of a Scoop Neck Knit

The idea is to keep warm while remaining elegant and stylish. Scoop neck knits have been known to be the perfect piece for many layering under styles. Although there are many necklines to choose from, the scoop neck knit works best when layered with a kaftan.

When shopping for these tops, pick ones made from cotton, fine merino wool, or cashmere; these fabrics help trap heat and keep you extra warm in cold seasons. Also, ensure to pick neutral colors or colors that blend well with the kaftan. Colors such as slate grey, mauve, caramel, burnt orange, and red are excellent choices as they can also be worn during summer.

Layer under a coat or jacket

For extra warmth on one of those chilly days, a long thick coat will help keep you warm and stylish. This look can hold several layers, and the good news is, you can take off the coat while inside and remain fashionable.

Must-Have Essentials for Kaftan Winter Layering

There are a few essentials that come in handy when dressing up for a cold season. These essentials can go independently or together, depending on how freezing the weather is. For best results, layer them together with the above styles.

Whether you need just a single layer or several layers, these essentials are a must-have in your wardrobe for creating successful and fabulous winter looks. They include:


This is one of the discrete yet versatile layering over pieces that helps you keep warm without stealing the show. Vests are must-have items when it’s cold, and you want to adorn a vibrant kaftan without too many layers. They help discretely keep you warm without throwing attention away from your kaftan.


It is always the most ignored, but a warm head can help lower the chill by a significant percentage. If well-matched with the colors of your kaftan, a head wrap can quickly help create a neat finished winter look.

It is especially a perfect pick if you are looking to create a boho-chic winter style. If you want to layer a colorful white or pink kaftan, the head wrap should be in more quiet colors like brown and black. On the other hand, darker kaftans match well with bright and vibrant colored head wraps.


Scarfs are a classic cold-weather accessory. They add color and splendor to the outfit while keeping you warm and cozy around the neck and ears. When choosing a scarf to layer with a kaftan, select a color that blends well with the kaftan colors so that the outfit looks well matched.

Also, a woolly or hand-knit scarf gives the outfit a warm, stylish winter effect. Do not shy away from picking something bold and daring, as this is the best way to turn heads and keep the mood warm in the cold season.


Leggings are your all-time go-to piece when it is freezing outside, and they are a must-have for any self-respecting fashion lover out there. They are the best for people who do not like jeans because they keep you warm while packing down to nothing.

Leggings come in various colors and textures to help you create different styles to match different kaftan and for different occasions.


Do not let the harsh winter weather deter you from enjoying your favorite kaftans – instead, use it as an excuse to layer up and keep warm while still maintaining a warm summery feel. Above, we have broken down some tips on successfully layering up your kaftan to achieve the desired winter look.

The above layering ideas are dynamic and are in no way cast on stone. The idea is to mix and match the items to meet your desired look. For example, instead of layering tight jeans only, you can layer tight jeans on top of winter stocking for extra warmth and still achieve the same look.

Therefore, this article is in no way conclusive and only aims to give you an idea of the best way to layer up and still enjoy adorning your kaftan in the cold seasons.