How to Layer and Stack Jewelry for Everyday Wear


Necklace layering has been one of the biggest trends of the past decade. Layered necklaces can elevate an outfit or dress up your casual go-to look. If you’re looking to style your favorite necklaces together but don’t know where to start this will help you find the perfect formula for creating your stack. Click here for Every day jewelry.

Before you start layering you’ll want to consider lengths. Do you like how a choker necklace looks? Do you prefer or longer more draped style or do you like your necklace shorter and close to your neckline? Do you own a lot of chains but no pendants? Look at what you have in your collection to help you decide what your style is.

1. Pick Your Star Piece

Your star piece is the centerpiece of your necklace stack. This is the piece you love the most or want to show off. All the other necklaces will compliment and enhance the beauty of your star piece. This pieces aims to draw people’s eyes to you and naturally blend with your other necklace choices. Pick a bolder piece for this. A pendant featuring your birth flowers or your Zodiac sign can make a great choice as your star piece. Personalized Necklaces with your loved one’s names, your anniversary, or your kid’s birthdays can also make a great star piece.

2. Include One Dainty Piece

Incorporating a minimalistic or dainty piece in your stack helps balance out the bolder elements like your star piece. You want your dainty choice to drape nicely and accentuate your neck line. If you went for a pendant or long star piece then your dainty piece might work best as the shortest necklace. However if you want for a simpler star piece like a bar necklace then you may want your dainty piece to be the longest necklace. Included a dainty necklace helps balance your stack and gives it a romantic feel.

3. Choose the Right Lengths

Choosing the right length for your frame is super important. You can test out length using a piece of string or simply by holding a necklace up to your chest and seeing how it looks at different lengths. Adjustable necklaces or necklace extenders are a great option for necklace layering for this reason. Try laying out your necklaces on a flat surface and playing around with the different lengths. You can get a feel for which pieces look best at which lengths and where your star piece should sit in relation to your other choices.

4. Have Fun and Experiment

Remember, after all, this is all about having fun with what you wear. Wearing layered necklaces is a fun style choice and you should experiment with what works best for your individual taste. Don’t get bogged down by too many rules and instead try on a bunch of necklaces to see what works best for you.

Go into your collection, try on the pieces that make you feel most confident, and layer them together to get a feel for what you like. Alternatively, find a reputable jewelry company, like Sahira Jewelry, to find new pieces. Then go out into the world with your newfound styling talents and test out this trend with your favorite pieces!

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