How to Learn the Piano: 5 Ways to Make Piano Lessons Fun for Kids


“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

“I’m tired, Mrs. D!”

“I don’t want to do it.”

Sound familiar? 

Well, it’s not just your students/kids who make such excuses. Teaching kids how to learn the piano is actually a “herculean” task. Teachers, as well as parents, try, to the best of their abilities to ensure that children not only practice piano at home but also enjoy their music lessons. 

But, what about kids who don’t feel the same way about music as their teachers? For them, practicing the piano—or any musical instrument for that matter—can be a real drag. So much that they might even start hating it. However, it should not prevent you from keep trying. There are other fun ways for kids to learn piano than practicing for several hours a day.

First of all, you need to understand that teaching music to a child is not as same teaching an adult. Children learn best when they are engrossed in whatever they’re doing. Before you begin researching on piano course comparison, make sure to find out how the lessons are imparted. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, there are several nifty tips to make piano lessons fun for kids.

Here are the top 5:

1. Throw in a few games

Learning becomes fun with games. For example, you can get tiny erasers shaped like animals for your kids and ask them to place them on the “highest C they can find” or “G-flat”. Then, let them play the notes to listen to the music they create. Tons of laughter and even more learning–guaranteed!

2. Keep it short

Try to end a session before kids get tired. Keep piano lessons short and entertaining for them, and very possibly, they will look forward to meeting you the next day. As a rule of thumb, the first few lessons should be practiced no more than 15 minutes every day. This can be eventually worked up to thirty minutes as your kids start liking the lessons.

3. Incentives always impress

When the little ones are just starting out, a routine is almost necessary. A reward system helps children stick to their schedule. Use stickers or a pointer system. Decide on a reward and announce it to the class (if you are a teacher). Also, display the reward chart prominently.

4. Teach them their favorite songs

Whether it’s from the latest Disney movie or an Ed Sheeran track, kids would be thrilled to learn their favorite tunes.

5. Become friends with flash cards

When it comes to flash cards, there are just so many options out there—and they work great for kids. Go for a soccer or a cartoon theme, perhaps Avengers. You can look up for these cards online and make piano classes more fun for kids.

Playing the piano should feel just like that – playing. This way, your students will learn and have fun at the same time. Give the Music Mastery website a try if you want to do a piano course comparison for teaching your kids how to learn the piano.

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