How to Maintain a Well Conditioned Motorcycle: 5 Caring Tips!


Owning a stunning motorcycle could be the coolest thing but it is equally important to maintain it to enjoy better performance. You might have seen many people getting the super cool sports bikes but end up selling them within a year due to performance. Most of the time the condition or the performance of the bike depends upon the owner rather than on the bike itself. Hence it is important to understand this and start taking care of it at the earliest. Now you must be saying that you regularly get your motorcycle serviced but there are some other ways as well that you would need to incorporate to promote the better performance of your bike. If you are not sure about which one to follow then here is the list of the tips that you can go through to take care of your well-maintained motorcycle. And if you need genuine Yamaha items, a trusted motorcycle retailer, Cully’s Yamaha, informed us that, and we will provide you with what you need in no time.

Check the battery span

Most motorcycle batteries come with two years life span. You would need to consult with the expert while replacing the battery. The battery needs to be recharged regularly to increase its lifespan, especially during winters. Apart from the battery, you would also need to check for the spark plugs after every 6000 to 12000km.

Change the Bike oil regularly

Your motorcycle would always need a regular oil change. It may vary according to the type of model that you have but generally, the bike oil needs to be changed every 5000 to 10000km. If you are getting the annual servicing done for your bike then make sure to check for the bike oil change as well. You would need to check the owner manual especially if you have got a new bike. Generally, bikes tend to consume a lot of oil in summers as compared to the winters. Hence you would need to change the oil filters regularly as well. Make sure to choose synthetic bike oil.  You might find it expensive but it would last you longer as compared to cheaper ones.

Check the tires regularly

Similar to bike oil you would need to replace your tires regularly. Tire maintenance is considered one of the important parts of motorcycle operations. It is always advised to check the overall condition of the motorcycle tires before you plan the long journey. You can check for various signs of damage such as holes, tears, and cracks. Also, make sure to check for the tread depth and the pressure according to the recommended level. You might be aware that many environmental factors affect the overall lifespan of your tires. Make sure to choose the overinflated tires over under-inflated tires as it tends to reduce the contact between the road and your bike. You can use the ordinary pressure gauge to check for tire pressure.

Clean the air filter frequently

According to experts, you would need to clean the air filters after every 10000 km to keep your bike in good working shape. The air filter helps to protect the delicate internal parts of the engine from pollutants to avoid damage. If you are traveling in a dusty environment frequently then you would need to get it cleaned every week while the areas without a lot of smog will not require frequent cleaning of air filters.

Check the fork oil

Fork Oil helps to smooth out the roughness and the bumps of the road and changing the fork oil frequently makes a huge difference in it. The longer you ride your bike the more you would need to change the fork oil. Apart from giving you smooth roads to ride, fork oil also helps to lubricate all the parts of the bike outside the engine. Hence you would need to check the fork oil regularly. Here you would not need to go to the service center. You can do it on your own with the help of the right equipment.



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