How To Maintain Concrete Furnitures Like A Pro?

Concrete is a very interesting thing to make furniture out of because it is a porous material that is very hard and easy to shape.  You can literally buy any furniture piece that you want when you are using concrete, and you should make sure that you have learned how to maintain your concrete furniture before you start buying.  Someone who would like to buy concrete furniture also needs to know what to keep off that furniture so that you can avoid stains and damage.

1. Use A Damp Cloth And Light Soap

You need to have a look at places like to learn about concrete furniture care, but a very good rule is to have light soap and a warm rag ready to clean your furniture.  Because concrete furniture is porous, you need to make sure that you have cleaned up any spills as soon as you can.  When concrete gets wet, it will dry out.  However, anything that has color could stain if you do not clean it right away.

2. Keep Heavy Objects Off

You should not put heavy objects on your concrete furniture for long periods of time.  You can set a lot of heavy boxes on your concrete furniture expecting that it will hold up.  The concrete furniture will have weak points like any other structure, and you should not stress those weak points too much.  It would be silly of you to try to use your concrete furniture as a storage unit, and you should not lean against these pieces or start using them to prop up other weights.

3. Coating

You can use a special expos coating to give your concrete furniture a nice shine.  This is a protective coating that you can use at any time, and you will find that you can easily put on the coating perhaps once a year.  The coat will be taken off slowly over time, and you can renew it with no trouble.

4. Avoid Bringing Food And Drink To The Furniture

Concrete furniture is not the place where you will have food and drink unless you are using tablecloths and other items to keep these furniture pieces clean.  Someone who would like to buy new concrete furniture should get their linens before they bring their furniture home.  This is a very simple thing to handle, and it is a very basic item to manage that you will be able to change out for the seasons.

5. Concrete Furniture Can Stay Outside With Cleaning

You can leave your concrete furniture outside, but you need to make certain that you are cleaning it often.  Someone who leaves their concrete furniture outside just to not clean it will have stains that are almost impossible to remove.


The concrete furniture that you have purchased could make a big statement in your home, and you will find that it can be a nice thing to use that is easy to clean provided you are careful with each new piece.