How to Make a Digital Business Card on iPhone using ShareEcard


Do you have a business card? If so, you know it’s time to make a digital version because paper cards are outdated. So, why not use your iPhone to create a custom one-of-a-kind business card that will impress clients and potential clients? The best part is that you can customize your business card using photos or images and different design templates. You don’t need any special skills, either. All you need is a device that can run a photo editing app. And for that, we’ve got you covered.

Download the app on your iPhone

Go to the apple store and download the ShareEcard app. I prefer this one due to its simplicity and ease of use. Create a digital business card on your iPhone using ShareEcard’s innovative and easy to use on-line ordering tools.

Set up your digital business card

Use your smartphone to keep track of all the leads, clients, and people you meet while on the road. Your iPhone is already the perfect travel companion – now it’s time to use it to help you set up your online presence. With an e-business card, you can easily add your contact details and company website on any device or platform – no matter where you are. Open the ShareEcard App, click on the + button on the top left and create a new card from the template provided. You can also set your custom greeting and image to be displayed on the card, including a link to your website.

Import and add your data

iPhone apps are the best thing to happen to iPhone users since the iPhone itself. Many iPhone apps provide us with everything we need, from simple shopping to making reservations, finding a place to eat, etc. But one thing that every iPhone user needs is a business card. Well, not just any business card, but a digital business card.

Create your customized business card to help your brand and promote your business on social media. ShareEcard allows you to import an image, add your company logo, and even add a text description or email address for a unique business card.

Select what you want to include in your digital business card

To start creating your digital business card, you’ll need to select the content type you want to include. It includes text, images, and videos. The next step is to add the digital business card to your email signature or anywhere else you’d like people to see it.

Design and customize your card

Your business card should represent who you are, what you do, and what your company stands for. You can create your digital business card using an iPhone app called ShareEcard. The app allows you to create a custom business card and upload it to Twitter or Facebook. You can also set the app up to send the card to your contacts as soon as you open it.

Here’s a quick tip on how to customize your business cards. If you want more mileage from your business card designs, you can quickly and easily create digital business cards using your iPhone. This tool enables you to add images, colors, and fonts that you want to appear on your business card. This way, you can design unique business card designs that you can share online via email, text message, and Facebook, as well as printed out. If you’re not interested in designing a unique card for every occasion or want to save time by reusing designs and images repeatedly, this is a great option.

Choose from various designs.

Make a digital business card on your iPhone using ShareEcard app, that lets you create a beautiful and customized business card using your photos and text. Upload your logo, choose colors, add images and text and watch your business card magically appear on your iPhone or iPad.

ShareEcard offer s 7-day free trial so that you can try out your digital business card. All you need is a business card image and some introductory text. You can save it to your photos, share it on social media, or email it as a link. With just a button tap, your card is ready to share.

Create a QR code on your card and share it on social media

Business cards are an incredibly old-fashioned form of advertising. If you’re serious about marketing yourself, you should make your own. Many websites can help you design a business card template that looks professional. But if you need more time or money to invest in such a thing, there are still ways to get the job done. The easiest way is to create a digital version of your business card.

Share your card on social media and save time.

Digital Business Cards are an easy way to share your business card digitally. You can manually enter your contact information into a web form or upload an image to an online gallery. With a digital business card, you can save time and take advantage of the many great features of an iPhone. Once you’ve created a Digital Business Card, you can share it on Facebook and Twitter with a single tap. A Digital Business Card displays your business information in the address bar when viewing a website.


In conclusion, you can also use the web service at to design your business card template for installation on your iPhone. This set up works with all mobile devices, including Android, iPad, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. The free trial is a great way to see if it will work for you. The best part is that you can also use this tool to design any graphic. Upload any photo, logo, or illustration you have, and you can immediately edit it to fit your business card theme. All you need is to select the best deign template, add a photo, choose a background and select a font and font color. You can share the digital card directly to your social network or email, SMS or QR Code. There is no limit to the number of digital business card templates, and you can add multiple cards to share with your clients based on the occasion.


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