How to Make a Sideways Career Move into Nursing in 2023

With the new year now arriving, it is time for those unhappy in their current careers to decide upon a course of action that will shift them onto a more satisfying track. For many people, making that effort is difficult, which is why the new year, with new leaves being grasped for and new pages turned, is a brilliant place to start. Below, you’ll learn the three key ways you can make a sideways career change into nursing in the first months of 2023.


One of the most common ways to change jobs is simply to train up in different skills that you know will be relevant to the career you wish to operate in. Aspiring nurses, for instance, should visit online teaching institutions to sign up for a course that will teach them all the skills they need to become a nurse.

There are other ways to train alongside your full-time job, too. While a in-person degree course might be out of your reach, it is certainly possible for you to apply to online courses that are available, some of them for free, on online portals for learning and further education. Just find the niche you are interested in, pick up the skills, and use them to apply for more attractive nursing jobs in 2023.


If you’ve been working for some time, developing your professional profile and your network of contacts in business, you’ll likely know where to turn to enquire about different opportunities in different roles to the one that you’re working in today. These contacts can be highly valuable, as they will not only give you access to job listings and openings that you might not otherwise have found, but they might be able to help you in your application.

This is especially true of those professionals that you have impressed in the past. They will be happy to put a word in for you with their hiring managers, who may well fast-track you to the interview stage. Furthermore, contacts can help direct you to resources that will help you come across better in those interviews.


Finally, you could choose to go the standard route for searching for a new job, which involves drawing up a new resume, drafting some cover letters, and searching through jobs sites to find a nursing role that you believe will be exciting, play to your strengths and satisfy you in a way that your current job does not.

In this case, don’t be afraid to contact companies or places of work that you admire, even if they are not actively hiring. These emails or phone calls can show that you are passionate about working for companies you respect and whose mission or values you wish to espouse in your career. Such an approach may well land you the nursing job you are looking for in 2023.

Use one of these three methods to switch nursing jobs in 2023 to something that you find more rewarding and satisfying.