How To Make Anti-Aging Night Cream At Home


So, you want to fight aging? Sounds like a good idea. Your daily routines, including diet, play a significant role in your skin health. Besides diet and lifestyle changes, you can also use healthy skin care products to fight aging, especially when it comes to your face.

It’s not easy to find the perfect skin care cream since many of them have different benefits like whitening or lightening dark spots on the face. Some of the ingredients that go into making night creams are not too uncommon. You can prepare your night creams at home with available natural ingredients. You are wondering where to start? Please take a look at our guide.

Start with the Ingredients

The first step would be to assemble your ingredients. Many of these ingredients are chemical-free and pocket-friendly. Also, they are easy to procure so you won’t have any difficulties when making this cream.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are fantastic for a skincare routine, and you can mix them up to make the perfect cream for your face. The professionals behind say that essential oils are a must-have ingredient for any skin care product, whether it’s homemade or manufactured. Some of the best locally available oils include:

  • Organic geranium essential oil – this oil does a great job of dealing with skin dryness
  • Since our faces are mainly exposed to sunlight, this oil helps to regenerate damaged cells in the skin
  • Carrot seed essential oil – this oil is good for the aging skin and is believed to help remove wrinkles and heal the skin
  • Organic lemon essential oil can help balance your skin tone and reduce dark spots’ visibility on your face
  • Vitamin E oil is an important nutrient in our body, which helps fight free radical damage that might cause cancer; hence, it’s crucial for anti-aging cream.

The Preparation Phase

Now that we have all we need. It’s time to start spicing and mixing things up.

  • Add all your available ingredients to a medium-sized bowl or anything that can serve the same purpose. Place the bowl on top of a saucepan with water and place it on the stove
  • Turn your stove to medium heat and stir your oil mixture until everything melts and mixes well
  • Remove the glass bowl from the heat and add the vitamin E and essential oils, stirring gently to combine
  • Transfer your mixture into a separate mixer bowl
  • Place your oil in the fridge for about 5-10 minutes until it has a creamy look, not concrete
  • Use a stand mixer and whisk/blend your cream until it resembles a thick lotion
  • Store in a clean jar ready for use

Get a Feel and Enjoy the Benefits

Get a Feel and Enjoy the Benefits

The lotion will turn out slightly thick because of all the ingredients you’ve added. Just after a few minutes of applying the cream on your face, it sinks nicely, leaving your skin looking soft and young. Other than using the cream on your face, research other tips to maintain beautiful and soft skin. Some include:

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Exercising regularly
  • Avoid sleeping with makeup on as it can clog the pores on your skin
  • Eat healthy meals and avoid eating junk
  • Use a clean pillowcase, which helps prevent impurities from clogging your skin pores

The night cream you use has an impact on the health and beauty of your skin. Instead of spending lots of money on commercial, chemically loaded night creams, try out these natural, homemade creams.


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