How to Make CBD Tea? And Is it Safe?

For most people, a morning cup of tea is the highlight of their day as it is refreshing and satisfying. Tea is an aromatic beverage with a rich history that has been dated back many generations. It has many health benefits as it helps in improving your digestive, immune, and heart health. Whether you have a cold, a hangover, or even tiredness, there’s nothing like a perfectly brewed hot tea that can work wonders for you. It is often infused with a wide range of herbs and botanical species including weed tea. If you are new to this versatile plant, check for questions about cannabis and CBD and learn about them in detail.

People are often mistaken that weed tea makes you high which is true to a certain extent. But CBD tea is what you should be having that is derived from the versatile plant known as marijuana. Now, CBD is one of the several components present in cannabis plants which when infused in tea can have great benefits for your mental and physical health. The psychoactive component present in cannabis is known as THC which gets you high. Whereas CBD does not have any such side effects when consumed. 

Since cannabinoids are oil-soluble, you can easily add them to your milk or cream of your tea which can be beneficial to you. Since most people have little to no knowledge of CBD, in this article you will learn how to make CBD tea which can be an added benefit to your morning routine. 

Is CBD Tea safe?

Weed tea has been used to soothe common conditions such as pain, nausea, and even inflammation but it is often known for the THC component. Although, a fresh cup of CBD tea can not only help you achieve a mellow and relaxed feeling but also ease the strain on your body muscles. Tea in general is a source of antioxidants that help you healthy and strong for the years to come. CBD too is known to have antioxidant properties so by infusing CBD into your tea, you double the intake of antioxidants. 

Depending on the kind of tea you prefer, it can help you feel grounded throughout your day and boost your health, The CBD present in your tea binds itself with the natural cannabinoids present all your body. These receptors help in improving your sleep, reduce stress, anxiety, boost weight loss and even relieve headaches. 

How to Make CBD Tea

The beauty of CBD tea is that it can be prepared in many ways that will have potential benefits to boost your day. From a variety of tea flavors available out there, whether black, milk, or even green tea, you can simply add CBD to the tea of your choice. In addition, whether you prefer your CBD hot or cold, your tea can be both a refreshing cool drink or a relaxing hot brew. Cannabinoids dissolve much better in fatty sources as compared to water because it is hydrophobic. Even you dissolve in water, the result will be less potent and won’t be adequate as you would like. Butter or coconut oil is an excellent fatty source that you can use to dissolve CBD that makes your tea a more effective beverage that is rich in CBD. Below you will find different ways of consuming CBD Tea which basically boils down to your preference. The perfect CBD tea will taste good and offer a range of health benefits.

  • CBD with water 

This process involves brewing your CBD-rich cannabis directly in the water like ordinary tea. You can choose a tea flavor or mix according to your preference but the effect of CBD will be less as you won’t gain all the beneficial compounds in your CBD-infused tea. 

  • CBD Tincture 

CBD tincture can work great when making CBD Tea. All you need to do is add several drops of tincture to your hot or cold tea. Alcohol-based tinctures work best as it serves as a preservative and enhances your CBD. You also consider using CBD oil to your brew provided that you brew it a few times before drinking.

  • CBD dissolved in butter or fat

Another excellent way to brew tea is to use cannabutter or add CBD to your butter or coconut then add a teabag of your choice. Allow your cannabutter or CBD to dissolve completely in your fat and then remove the teabag after brewing. You can also add sugar, milk, or honey for taste.

When choosing the right CBD product, make sure that you purchase products that is rich in CBD and the least amounts of THC. If you love to drink multiple cups of tea in a day, make sure that you add CBD according and balance it out between your cups. It is important to note that CBD products can alter the taste of your tea which can make it unpleasant and unappealing to some people. Make sure you read the instructions that can give you a brief idea of CBD concentration in each drop.