How To Make Cheap T Shirts Online

You won’t believe how easy it is to design and print your own cheap custom tee shirts. All you need is an idea, some online tools and an online t-shirt printer. But before we get into the details on the actual process, let’s discuss some of the other details you need to know before you start putting together your custom t-shirt design.

The Options Available To You

Cheap custom tees are possible simply because there are so many different design options. You can use images, pictures, words, logos, original art, sayings, slogans and more. When you combine two or more of these different design options, you can really create something that is not only unique and different, you can use the front of a custom t shirt to express yourself. The message you create will be what others will see and there are ways to make it stand out

Step 1 – Designing Your Cheap Shirts

Every great t-shirt begins with a design. If you have some experience in graphic design or just happen to have an eye for art and a fair deal of creativity, you will be able to create your design. If you have the idea of what you want your custom tees to say, but don’t know how to make that happen, just visit an online custom t-shirt company like Yayprint. They will have online tools that will assist you with the overall design of your custom t-shirt project.

The design you create has to contain a clear message so whatever images or graphics you use have to reflect what it is you are trying to say. Add words or a slogan to help make that message even clearer. Just remember that less is more, so avoid designing something that is far too busy or hard to read or comprehend. You want it to grab attention but in order to do so, your design has to be something that is easy to understand in just a glance or quick view.

Step 2 – The T-Shirt Choices

Once you have settled on your final t-shirt design, you will have to choose the type and colour of t-shirt you intend to use to print your design on. Your basic types will range from men’s to women’s and youth or toddlers. It depends entirely on who will be wearing the cheap custom tees. Your next important choice is the t-shirt colour. In order for your message to stand out and get noticed, it is a good idea to have it printing on a contrasting t-shirt colour.  Be sure to check out Fruit of the loom custom t-shirts as an option.

For example, if your design is mostly dark and the words you have used in the design are black or dark, printing it on a white or light coloured t-shirt will work best. This also means that as you create your design that you keep in mind that the finished design will require easy to read fonts and colours that will work best with a contrasting t-shirt colour. In other words, a dark design and words will probably be very hard to read or understand printed on a black tee.

Step 3 – Choosing The Print Location

If you plan to print your custom t-shirt design on either the front or back of the tee, you need to consider the shape and size of your design. If it is large enough to cover a good portion of the shirt, you can’t place it too high or too low. Aim for across the chest area as your primary location. This keeps the design at a level that is easy to see and read for most people. For back printing, across the center of the back across the shoulders is the best location for your design.

Step 4 – Placing Your Order For Cheap Tshirts

After you have completed all the previous steps, you have to just complete your online order and go through the checkout. What happens next is that the design you submitted will be printed on the type of and colour of t-shirt you requested. Once the printing is complete, the finished product is shipped to the address you enclosed with your order. In other words, it only takes four steps in the cheapest way to make custom t-shirts. Anyone can do it, so can you.

Why Would You Need Cheap Custom Shirts?

The most logical reason to order custom tees online that you have designed is for a team or group. By bulk purchasing in this manner, you can save a great deal compared to having the t-shirts printed at a print shop near you. Plus, online ordering is faster and more efficient. All you need is an idea, online editing and designing tools and an online t-shirt printer. Hopefully we have given you the kind of information you have been seeking when shopping for a place to print cheap custom shirts. Now it’s time for you to get working on that design of yours!