How to make Essential Oil Last Longer in Diffuser?

You may know someone who uses essential oils to calm down their senses and you want to begin the journey on your own. You may also be someone who loves essential oils and have a long history of improving your moods by the calming fragrance.

Let me tell you, being a beginner or being tight on a budget should not stop you from enjoying the health benefits that essentials oils have in store to offer. You just need to learn the ways by which you can sustain for a long time with a very small amount of essential oils.

We all know though essential oils are very calming, they are luxurious and costly. You don’t want to buy it repetitively as your monthly budget may not permit it. So, what’s the way out? The best way is to learn the ways by which you can make essential oil last longer in the diffuser. Excited to know the ways? Then keep reading!

1. Reduce olfactive fatigue by giving your nose a break

I have seen people going on and on with diffusing essential oils for long periods of time. They think it’s effective and good for their health… But is this the reality? According to science, it is not. Diffusing essential oils for longer periods of time is neither good for health nor good for the pocket.

When we keep diffusing essential oil for long hours, it starts to exhaust our nervous system. In order to save the nervous system from exhaustion caused by the continuous stimuli, our receptors put a haul on sending messages about a lingering smell to the brain. This is called “Olfactive Fatigue”.

The best way to deal with this situation is to diffuse essential oils only for a limited period of time. Also, you can use a small quantity of essential oils to make a good impact on your health as well as your pocket. The minimum time limit of diffusing is 10-15 minutes and the maximum time limit is 30-60 minutes.

After that, give your nose a break for at least an hour before diffusing again. This ensures that you are not exhausting your nervous system. Further, avoiding the overuse of essential oils makes it last longer.

2. Make sure you are using the diffusers properly

The longevity of essential oils also depends on the way you use the diffusers. They require some easy maintenance that doesn’t cost you much time. While using a diffuser, make sure you clean the device properly before you diffuse another essential oil with it.

This step is important because if avoided, the scent from the last essential oil will affect the scent and benefits from the next essential oil. When this happens, users get a messed-up scent of their favorite essential oil and so keep using more than desired to achieve the results.

3. Diffuse essential oil before your sleep

If you want the calming power of essential oils to heal you while you are sleeping, adopt this way to make your essential oils last longer. If you choose to diffuse essential oil throughout the night, it means you are choosing to empty your bottles way faster than expected.

To save your essential oils from getting used too soon, diffuse at least 30 minutes before sleep. All you have to do is to close the doors and diffuse it for 30 minutes. After that, unplug the diffuser and you are ready for a good night’s sleep. This process ensures that you enter a room that is filled with the molecules of essential oil and helps you receive a peaceful sleep.

4. Start with less

The idea is simple – use in less quantities and it will go a long way. Thus, whenever you are diffusing, keep in mind that you have to start with less number of drops. The number of drops you use should also depend on the size of your diffuser and the size of your room. For example, you need 15 drops with a 500 ml diffuser size but only 5 drops are enough for a 100 ml diffuser size.

Over to you…

According to the reports, the aromatherapy diffuser market is estimated to grow with a 7.98% CAGR in the upcoming five years. It indicates that people around the globe are enjoying the benefits of essential oils and you should too. I hope these tips help you in your peaceful journey.