How To Make Sure Your Child Is Not Gaming Too Much


Being a parent has always been tough, and it only seems to get harder in this day and age as due to technology, children have access to absolutely everything, all of the time. One of the most prevalent features in any child’s life at the minute, it seems, is gaming. Kids from all over the world take to the internet to play games online with friends and strangers, which is incredibly fun for them, but as a parent, it can sometimes leave you worried if they are doing it too much.

The Gaming Industry Boom

This is even more so the case now due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, which had a huge impact on the gaming industry. As children everywhere were told they could not leave the house, where else would they turn other than to their gaming consoles? Realistically, gaming can be an incredibly positive experience for a child. It can teach them coordination, strategy, and a fun way for them to bond with their friends. That being said, stories of kids becoming addicted are not unheard of, and as such, here are some tips you may want to use to ensure your child is not gaming too much.

Set Limits

One of the easiest ways to make sure your child is not gaming too much is to set limits simply. Set out a plan for your child to follow that limits their gaming to so many hours a day or says they cannot game every other day, whatever works for you. It does not have to be the strictest rule but having something in place that sets out when your child can and cannot play can be very effective.

Keep an Eye Out

It is one thing to set limits, but you need to ensure that your child is adhering to them. When you keep an eye out to make sure they follow the agreed plan, you should ensure you are doing so in a way that is inquisitive but not interrogative.

Keeping a lookout is also effective as it can ensure you approve of your child’s games. Some video games are incredibly violent, and so you may want to try and restrict the content that your child is seeing.

Play Together

Gaming with your child offers you a chance to bond and opens the door to conversations and interactions so you can find out what your child is most into. When you play together, you keep a lookout at what your child is playing, but not in a way that comes off like you are criticizing them or their games.

Another good way to play together is to invite over your child’s friend over and encourage them to game together; then you show your child you encourage their hobbies and keep track of what those hobbies involve. This method is even used in a hospital setting a lot of the time as it encourages children to engage socially.

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